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How often do you teach?

We teach classes most days of the week. Our main class takes place on a

Where is the class?

Community Hall, St Andrew's Church, Station Road, Benton, NE12 8AW. Please enter from the car park.

New starters welcome

You can start your induction course any Monday (except Bank Holidays).

How much does the induction course cost?

£20. (Please pay in cash).

What time should I arrive?

Around 6:45 PM.

How long does it run?

The induction course runs for 90 minutes per session. There are 2 sessions. 3 hours tuition in total.

Can you register online?

If you prefer to register and pay online, please send an

How old do you need to be?

The minimum age is 18. Most of our students are aged between 25-65

What should you wear for class?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes.

Does tai chi involve physical contact?

Yes it does.
Newcastle Tai Chi aims to provide an authentic tai chi experience. Pushing hands (and other forms of partner work) requires you to touch other students.
If you are not comfortable with physical contact, we recommend that you consider an alternative form of exercise.

The classes are relaxed, friendly and have a good-humoured feel to them along with an attitude of letís get on and practice.



There is a car park outside the hall.


Please e-mail them before you attend.


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