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A school

We are a tai chi school. There is a syllabus, lessons, teachers. Learning is our focus. Tai chi cannot be taught in a haphazard way - a proven syllabus is essential.

Who are we?

Kung fu instructor: Sifu Waller
Qigong and tai chi teacher: Rachel Waller
Teaching assistants: Marc Boivin, Chris Young, Dr Ben Beattie, Karen Laws and Mark Nickell
Volunteer coordinator: Chris Young
Patrons: Mr Andrew Yeo & Mr Henry Kajan Anyie

Classical tai chi

Students explore the human body, physics, biomechanics, pragmatic martial skills and Taoist wisdom. The in-depth syllabus is comprehensive and thorough. You can study it at your own pace.
Modern teaching methods combine with traditional training approaches to provide a stimulating environment.


I think Sifu Waller knows more about functional biomechanics than all the orthopaedic surgeons I have met put together. I rarely have clicking joints now since Sifu Waller instructed me to work within the limits of the ‘click’ and then build up over time to a wider range.

(Dr David Cousins)

What we offer:

• Unparallel opportunity to study taijiquan the martial art, chin na, shuai jiao, jing, neigong, qigong, tai chi for health and tai chi for fitness
• Fully-differentiated syllabus designed by a professionally qualified teacher
• In-depth investigation of Yang style taijiquan, the secrets teachings and the philosophical background
• Authentic skills 
• Up to 6 teaching assistants in every class
• Our instructors are registered with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
• Professional
• High quality tuition 
• Comprehensive martial application of taijiquan
• Extensive range of skills available 
• New material every week
• Good value for money 
• Gain an advanced level of understanding
• Follow the teachings of The Tai Chi Classics and The Taoist Classics

A good place to be

The main appeal of our school is the total break from everyday life. We offer vibrant, active classes; free from cliques and politics.
There is a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie and good humour. Enjoy an evening without pressure, the need to play a role or keep up appearances.

Who does tai chi?

Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Tai chi appeals to all sorts of people.

Who has hired us?



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