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A school

We are a tai chi school. There is a syllabus, lessons, teachers. Learning is our focus. Tai chi cannot be taught in a haphazard way - a proven syllabus is essential.

Who are we?

Kung fu instructor: Sifu Waller
Qigong and tai chi teacher: Rachel Waller
Teaching assistants: Marc Boivin, Karen Laws, Chris Young, Dr Ben Beattie, Dr David Cousins &
Malcolm Berry
Volunteer coordinator: Chris Young
Social secretary: Dr David Cousins
Patrons: Mr Andrew Yeo & Mr Henry Kajan Anyie


I think Sifu Waller knows more about functional biomechanics than all the orthopaedic surgeons I have met put together. I rarely have clicking joints now since Sifu Waller instructed me to work within the limits of the ‘click’ and then build up over time to a wider range.

(Dr David Cousins)

Classical tai chi

Students explore the human body, physics, biomechanics, pragmatic martial skills and Taoist wisdom. The in-depth syllabus is comprehensive and thorough. You can study it at your own pace.

Modern teaching methods combine with traditional training approaches to provide a stimulating environment.

What we offer:

• Unparallel opportunity to study taijiquan the martial art, chin na, shuai jiao, jing, neigong, qigong, tai chi for health and tai chi for fitness
• Fully-differentiated syllabus designed by a professionally qualified teacher
• In-depth investigation of Yang style taijiquan, the secrets teachings and the philosophical background
• An opportunity to study the unusual art of baguazhang
• Authentic skills 
• Up to 7 teaching assistants in every class
• Our instructors are registered with
The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
• Professional
• High quality tuition 
• Comprehensive martial application of taijiquan
• Extensive range of
skills available 
• New material every week
• Good value for money 
• Gain an advanced level of understanding
• Follow the teachings of The Tai Chi Classics and The Taoist Classics

Before I came to Sifu Waller three years ago I had spent six years at four different classes trying to learn taijiquan. None of them had a syllabus of any kind. Most were offering tuition of the simplified 24 step, with no self defence and no regard for the health of knees or back. The classes were for one hour only and cost about the same as ours.

(John Bell)

A good place to be

The main appeal of our school is the total break from everyday life. We offer vibrant, active classes; free from cliques and politics.
There is a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie and good humour. Enjoy an evening without pressure, the need to play a role or keep up appearances.

Who does tai chi?

Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Tai chi appeals to all sorts of people.
We have many international students (e.g. from America, China, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Nepal, Poland, Russia, Thailand...).

Who has hired us?



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