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Taijiquan fitness

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Intermediate students wear:

Black cotton crew-neck T-shirt
Black cotton kung fu/karate trousers
School badge sewn onto the T-shirt
Flat footwear; preferably not training/sports shoes

Earn the right

To wear a black T-shirt must know all of the basic qigong exercises.

A fitness student

An intermediate student is getting
fitter, learning the Long Yang form pattern and commencing more challenging training. Expect to be treated more earnestly.
If you behave like a beginner, you will be transferred to the beginners group.

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistants wear a grey T-shirt.

Risk of transfer

Our insurance company states that tai chi students can only train material appropriate to their level of fitness and ability.
This means that the intermediate syllabus must take the student's condition into account at all times. Although this may sound restrictive, it is actually quite sensible and safety conscious.
If an intermediate student fails to maintain the required standard of practice, they will be transferred back to the beginner's syllabus.


Please do not ask for charity.

Recommended reading

The Sword Polisher's Record: The Way of Kung Fu
Intermediate class
Intermediate grading
Intermediate attitude
Intermediate grade

The traditional learning environment for kung fu can be difficult to handle psychologically. During the first months of training, students may get frustrated because the training seems difficult and boring. They may feel discouraged because no one is telling them how great they are or giving them a gold star for their efforts. This type of feedback, which is a typical part of the modern education process, is not suited to the kung fu learning environment. Instructors need to encourage students but not give them false impressions or expectations.

(Adam Hsu)

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