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Unsure about attending lessons?

Nowadays, people are reluctant to make commitments. Things are very uncertain. There could be a lockdown at any time. People risk losing their jobs. This is all true and genuine cause for concern.

When will the uncertainty end?

When do you think things will change?
Coronavirus may be with us for years. We have to get used to the uncertainty and we need to live. Putting your life on hold until things improve sounds fine, but how long will that be?


The samurai lived with the grim reality that their way of life could end at any time. They chose to embrace this and make the best of the moments they had. Without fear. Without regret.

It is not for nothing that the samurai have chosen for their truest symbol the fragile cherry blossom.
Like a petal dropping in the morning sunlight and floating serenely to earth,
so must the fearless detach himself from life, silent and inwardly unmoved.

(Eugen Herrigel)


In the ancient
Tao Te Ching book verse 5 is a reminder that our way of life will not last. The verse urges us to live life fully. Not to procrastinate. Not to put things off.


Consider: an apathetic person might consider tai chi to be a total waste of time... Why bother learning tai chi?  You'll get old anyway. You'll get sick. You'll die.
You could apply this sort of thinking in almost every situation: Why bother to shower? Why fold your clothes? Why should you work? Why learn anything new?

Real human

The reason why you study tai chi is simple: it encourages you to live fully and completely. You embrace and cherish opportunities; for they are precious. Aim to do as well as you can for as long as you can. This applies to working in a job, being married or attending a tai chi class. You do your best. At some point it will end. But it ends in fullness rather than indifference and apathy.


People stress about things they cannot possibly control. We want assurances. Sadly, existence is not tailored to suit the individual. It does not revolve around you.
We are all at the mercy of events that are larger than ourselves.

School motto

Our school motto is "adapt, change and improvise". This is very fitting for the times we are living in.

Page created 1 September 2020
Last updated 31 October 2020