Covid-19 practice
Adhering to the Government guidelines

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Covid-19 guidelines require tai chi classes to consider suitability to attend, hygiene, contact, social distancing, capacity & crowding, ventilation, moving in, out and through facilities.
The training hall needs to be a safe place for people to exercise. The church and the tai chi school work together to keep the facilities clean, hygienic and safe.


With Covid-19 restrictions in place there are many things that cannot be practiced in a tai chi class. However, there are still a lot of things that can be trained safely...

Colour coding

The exercises/topics written in black can be practiced by any student in our school.
Red coloured topics are only for taijiquan students.


All of the qigong exercises can be practiced whilst maintaining social distancing:

Plate exercise
Standing post
4 directions - forwards & backwards
4 directions - to the side
Opening & closing - to the side
Cloud hands
Pushing peng
Standing qigong/3 circle qigong
Ba duan jin
Moving qigong (intro)
Full circle qigong
Form posture qigong
Horse stance qigong
Standing post with arms
Qigong development
Stretches & joint work
High circle qigong
Moving qigong (complete set)
Qigong on one leg
Qigong revision
5 bows exercise
Biomechanics (qigong)
Bone marrow washing
Qigong dismantled

There are also a number of exciting qigong challenges to explore.


Psoas exercises

Constructive rest
Leg stretches (2 sets)
Horse stance
Tao yin/Taoist Yoga (3 sets)
Core strength (3 sets)
Slam ball challenge


There are 4 taijiquan forms and 1 baguazhang form:

Long Yang form
(regular & mirrored)
70/30 stance
Square on the inside, round on the outside
Crescent moon
Sabre form (regular & mirrored)
Pushing peng exercise
6 balanced pairs
60/40 stance

Walking stick form (regular & mirrored)
Moving with kwa
Reverse breathing
Spiral body
Jian form (regular & mirrored)
Biomechanics (form)
Being in the back
First hand/second hand
Large rhythm, small rhythm
Latent movements
Cultivating sung

Open & close
Pre-natal breathing
Reeling silk
Small circle
Tortoise breathing
Unite upper & lower
Yin body
Power generation
Whole-body movement

Long Yang form dismantled
Sabre form dismantled
Walking stick form dismantled
Jian form dismantled

There are also a number of exciting form challenges to explore.

Brain work (meditation, awareness, metacognition)

Meditation, reading and awareness training are not affected by Covid-19 restrictions:

Breath meditation
Meditation on body sensations
Meditation on emotions
Meditation on hindrances
Kinaesthetic awareness
Eastern philosophy
Spiritual inquiry

Martial skill

Most of the martial arts curriculum is not suited to Covid-19 restrictions. However, bag work may be trained:

How to punch
Punching rehab

Hitting a focus mitt
Loose striking

Striking pads
- focus mitt, squashy pad, round pad
3-tier wallbag
Fa li
Gravity striking
Speed striking
Punching from the centre
5 elements striking
Heavy bag


Quite a few of the weapons drills can be trained solo. The partnered sets are not close quarters:

Knife drills

Stick drills (3 sets)
Sword drills

2-person cane drill (regular & mirrored)

Small stick drills
Small stick flexibility drills

Page created 18 April 2020
Last updated 21 December 2020