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Registration form

We ask all new starters to complete a straightforward registration form. It requests the following information:

  1. Full name

  2. Phone number

  3. E-mail address

  4. Address

  5. Next of kin name & phone number

  6. Health problems?  

This information is necessary in order for us to provide a safe training environment. By signing the registration form, the student acknowledges the relevance of this data and its import.

Why do you need to know?

We require full name, phone number and e-mail address in order to correspond with the student. This is particularly important if there is an unexpected hall closure on account of bad weather.
The address is requested in case a student requires information/material posting to them. It also provides a means of contacting/locating somebody in the event of theft/loss of property.
Next of kin is crucial when running a martial arts or exercise class. Should someone have health problems in class and require medical aid, the next of kin will want to be informed.
Health problems must be disclosed in order to comply with our insurance policy criteria. Each student is tutored appropriate to ability.

Membership form

When a student asks to become a member of our school they complete a new form which basically confirms that they understand the Terms of Membership.
No additional personal information is requested.

Martial application form & liability questionnaire

Students have a tendency to self-determine their own capabilities and the criteria is based on what they think the training involves rather than a comprehensive understanding of what it actually involves.
The martial application form confirms that the student understands the terms and conditions of martial arts training with our school.
The liability questionnaire directly asks salient questions pertaining to the physical, psychological and emotional condition of the individual.
Until this information has been analysed we cannot determine whether or not the student is suitable for martial arts practice.

Confidential information

Occasionally students will share confidential information regarding their circumstances or health. We keep their confidence and do not write this down or share it with others.

Weekly e-mails

The weekly e-mails we send out (and any additional notifications) do not include anybody's e-mail address or personal information.

E-mail account

Rachel and Sifu Waller are the only people who have access to our e-mail account.
If we send out e-mails from Teaching assistants or the Social Secretary we are simply forwarding a message they have provided. These people do not have access to anyone's e-mail address.

School Database

All information contained in our School Database is limited to the study of tai chi. We list the student's name, photograph, what they are studying and with whom.
There is no need to include any personal information.

Sharing of data

We do not share any information contained on any form completed by a student. It is not sent to any individual, company or outside agency.

Data requests

If for example one student wants to communicate with another student, we do not provide anybody's personal information on request.
We ask the inquirer what information they would like us to share/e-mail with the person they want to communicate with i.e. e-mail address/mobile phone number.
This situation typically occurs when students want to car share.


The photos used on this website were taken by Rachel or Sifu Waller. Photos featuring members of our school were taken with the consent of the individual.
We use individual photos on our school members page. When taking the photograph we tell each individual what the photograph is for and why we would like to take it.
If the student doesn't consent to the photograph being taken, we do not take it.
If anyone would like a photo of themselves removing from the website please let us know and we will comply

Student names

Unless the student is a Teaching assistant or the Social Secretary, only their first name is used on this website.

Teaching assistant biographies

We publish a short biography for each teaching assistant. The individual reads the biography before it is published and consents to the data being shared on our website.


Our website contains quotes from various authors, teachers and experts. It is our hope that the keen reader will seek out further information about these people and ideally buy their book(s).
We strongly promote study, reading and research


We do not store any personal information (supplied by a student) on-line or even on a spreadsheet


When a student no longer attends classes, any form(s) they have signed is shredded and disposed of within 12 weeks.
We do not keep e-mails either. Our e-mail account is wiped periodically in order to delete all correspondence from the system.


We ask students to let us know if the information they have provided changes

Data Controller

Sifu Waller is responsible for the information obtained from students in our school and ensures that it is kept securely.
All material on this website written about tai chi and its related subjects (unless quoted) is Sifu Waller's intellectual property.

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Last updated 27 October 2020