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The wide variety of training methods offer in the syllabus do require some specialist equipment, but this is bought over years. Our curriculum is incremental.
Students are not required to pay out for loads of equipment at the onset of training

Taoist Yoga

  1. Yoga mat

  2. Resistance band

Weapons night


  1. Rubber knife

  2. Foam-covered plastic jo stick, sawn to navel-height

  3. Foam-covered plastic escrima stick

  4. Weapons case

Many beginners think that they do not need to warm-up. Skipping a warm-up will automatically result in pain later on, and that will restrict your fighting abilities. A good pre-workout warm-up protects against future aches and pains. Furthermore, it is also an immediate factor in improving performance.

(Frederic Delavier)

Core strength

  1. Yoga mat

  2. Resistance loop 

  3. Resistance band

  4. Head mat, cover or a book

Wall bag

  1. Wall bag

  2. Open-finger bag gloves

  3. Dried peas to fill wall bag

Further w
eapons training

  1. Rattan staff (navel height)

  2. Walking stick with handle (Playwell)

Optional extras

  1. Pedometer (for 10,000 steps a day)

  2. Incremental timer (e.g. Salubrion Enso Pearl or a free app for your phone)

  3. Baoding balls 

  4. Hand power grip exerciser

  5. Ripper bands

The philosophy of between-reps breaks consists of doing everything you can to avoid fatigue instead of seeking it out as you would in body building. Striving for failure is more appropriate for those working on muscle mass than for those wanting to increase strength or power.

(Frederic Delavier)

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