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Long ago in Asia it was determined that the female foot was potentially the most beautiful, elegant part of the female body. This insight led to all manner of practices designed to accentuate the feet.

Avoiding extremes

Grotesque Asian foot 'enhancement' endeavours included 'foot binding'. Ugh! By contrast, most considerations were about how to make feet look pretty using 'natural' methods...

Asian feet...

Nowadays, Asian women tend to really look after their feet. They look feminine pretty, clean and healthy.

Natural care

Natural foot care methods involve:

• Massage
• Exfoliation/scrub
• Remove hard skin
• Skin care regime
• Drying feet thoroughly after shower/bath
• Careful choice of shoes (appropriate fit)
• Good use of the feet
• Sensible exercise
• Not sitting or standing too much
• Soaking the feet (a cider apple vinegar soak is healthy)
• Lotions/oils
• Hosiery

Western feet...

What about Western feet? Now, that is another story altogether. Many Western women have truly ugly feet.
Cracked heels, calluses, bunions, malformed toes (from cramming them into shoes that don't fit)... How about you? What are your feet like?

Do YOU look after your feet?

For most women the answer is a flat NO.

A beautiful woman’s ugliness is often hidden in her heart … or by her shoes.

(Mokokoma Mokhonoana)

Is this some sort of foot fetish?

No. If it was a fetish, then it would be about exciting men or eliciting male sexual interest. It isn't.


Asian women are interested in having good-looking feet. They don't really take into account what men think. It is a 'cultural' matter.
Feminine, attractive, healthy feet are regarded as being an indication of grace, beauty and femaleness. They reflect class, style, poise, gait, balance, intelligence and good education.


In Asia, bare feet were considered to be 'village' or 'country girl' - unsophisticated, rough, common and uncouth. Feet covered with sheer fabric were regarded as more dignified/refined.
See comparison: https://crumpetkitten.blogspot.com/2020/03/which-look-best-with-or-without-tights.html


Thin tights/stockings are the norm throughout Asia for women. Asian women consider thin hosiery to be
quintessentially feminine and wear them pretty much all the time.
The majority of tights and stockings sold in the world are sold in Asia. The average lady owns dozens of pairs and always carries spare pairs with her.

Healthy feet

Ideally, the feet want to look pretty, healthy and not misshapen or squashed. They should be well cared for.

Hosiery colour?

Traditionally skin colour/tan throughout the day and black for evening wear. 90% of the time natural colour is preferred.


The aim with natural coloured tights is to give the appearance of not wearing hosiery. This is best accomplished with seamless tights; which have a second skin look.


If playing tennis, gymnastics, running, yoga, pilates, cycling or simply wearing shorts in the Summer, the hosiery needs to be invisible.


Many women like to give the sense of a slight tan. Therefore the colour needs to be subtle rather than obvious. Historically, this was done in order to highlight the fact that hosiery was being worn.

Skin colour

The degree of tan is contingent upon your skin colour. Allow for surface colour and undertones.


Black tights are slightly more complex than natural/tan. Thick black hosiery (opaque) tend to look 'grungy' and confused. They normally contain lycra and are sweaty to wear.
Thin black tights are a different matter altogether. The shading serves to accentuate the muscle tone in the legs and flatter the wearer. With black hosiery, the thinner the better.


Hosiery makes the skin of the legs look sleek, smooth, flawless and perfect. It accentuates the curves; adding contour and shading.
In Asia not wearing hosiery would be seen as selling yourself short; akin to not washing/styling your hair or going without shoes.


The use of sheer fabric to emphasise and accentuate femininity goes right back to biblical times. The 'dance of the seven veils'? Sheer fabric serves to both reveal and conceal; a nice ambiguity?

Bare feet

There is an Asian saying
"Only a monkey shows it's feet"... It means that whilst bare feet are quite natural, they are not exactly refined/elegant to look at. Especially when in public.
An Asian woman recognises that bare feet with bulging veins and dry skin are exceedingly ugly/uncouth.
That thin layer of fabric transforms ugliness into beauty.

Bare feet & footwear

Wearing shoes when barefoot causes body odour to soak into the leather. This becomes an ongoing problem because the shoes then transfer the odour onto clean feet next time you wear the shoes.

Movie references

I once watched the film Memoirs of a Geisha and was pleased to hear a very elegant lady quote the Japanese version of the 'monkey feet' maxim mentioned above.


Stockings are great providing you invest in a good quality suspender belt. Nicola by stockingirl is the best I've ever come across. Super comfortable.


Low denier hosiery protects the skin from the elements. Women who live in a cool climate usually suffer dry skin. This is caused by the weather.
Wearing hosiery provides a barrier than maintains moisture levels; akin to wearing cream on your face?

10 denier

Low denier (10-15 denier are less sweaty) 100% nylon tights are great. These are usually the cheapest pairs sold at the supermarket.


There are some great seamless styles available which are really comfortable.

Walking fast is neither sexy nor engaging. Nobody notices the people who race around. If you're walking in heels, you've got time. It's much more attractive.

(Christian Louboutin)

No lycra

Lycra hosiery was designed for fat people who want to give the illusion of having toned/firm legs when quite the opposite is true. In fact, lycra is an impediment to health.
It compresses the bones and muscles and this restricts movement. It limits circulation.
A good test is toe flexibility... if you can't easily separate the toes, then the hosiery is either the wrong size for you or it contains lycra.

Hosiery tips

For everyday wear, I buy the cheapest multipack non-lycra hosiery from the supermarket. They cost less than £5 and fit great.


My favourite nicer tights are Golden Lady seamless. Expensive tights are probably worth the money but cost a LOT more.

Seeing your own feet

Hosiery enables a female student to be able to see her own feet without being barefoot in public (like a monkey). This is enormously useful. Patterns of tension are quite obvious.
Whether the toes are relaxed. Whether the weight is evenly distributed across the foot. Balanced? You cannot see any of this when you wear socks or shoes...

Asian aesthetics

If you're wondering why women studying an Asian martial art are being asked to adopt Asian aesthetic standards, surely the question answers itself?
Would somebody in a football team expect to play football wearing long trousers? No. They'd adhere to the aesthetics associated with the game; which would be short trousers...

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