Girl's Night
Written by Rachel

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Girl's Night syllabus

Rachel wrote the Girl's Night syllabus and is responsible for the framework of the women's self defence training.
The training involves:

  1. Purpose of attire
    - Tao Te Ching
    - femaleness
    - vulnerability
    - not being phased
    - psychological value

  2. Grappling
    - floor work
    - basic skills
    - back-to-back game
    - against a kicker
    - multiple opponents
    - tactics
    - use of knee
    - using legs to choke

  3. Slapping
    - using focus mitts and pads to increase power and accuracy
    - spontaneity
    - relaxing to increase power
    - using the body


  4. Kneeing
    - deception
    - proximity
    - controlling
    - opportunity
    - your goal
    - holding down the pillow
    - whilst on the floor: kneeling & lying
    - date rape scenario

  5. Kicking
    - accuracy
    - positioning
    - power
    - repetition
    - opportunity
    - your goal


  6. Standing
    - throat
    - neck
    - face
    - groin
    - arm
    - wrist

    - choking

  7. Kneeling
    - throat
    - neck
    - chest
    - groin
    - arm
    - wrist

    - using central equilibrium to increase body weight
    - choking


  8. Sitting
    - head
    - neck
    - chest
    - relaxing to increase body weight
    - using thighs
    - choking

  9. Chin na & shuai jiao applications

These are the preliminary concerns.


As a female student, the reality of women's self defence is going to involve shedding some inhibitions.
Talking about self defence is one thing, watching someone do it is another level, but doing it yourself is something entirely different... You need to put your money where your mouth is.


Realistic training involves drawing the man closer in order to control him and knee him well.
Having made the man's knees buckle, good self defence involves 'holding down the pillow' (Book of Five Rings) in which you follow the man down, control him and continue to knee until he gives in ('knocking out the heart').
This takes resolve/determination to be victorious and a recognition that it's OK to enjoy being dominant sometimes. This is good for your self-esteem.

Dress like a girl and you will fight like a girl

The absolute worst thing that a woman can do in combat is to emulate how a man operates. Our muscle mass/fat distribution is different, and we're not prey to testosterone and aggression.
You need to feel and function as a woman - hence the skirt and tights - a physical reminder that you're not a man?

4-6 people

Girl's Night represents a first rate opportunity to train closely with Sifu Waller. Although, we try to accommodate as many students as we can, we must be practical in terms of space.
6 female students is ideal.
Any less than 4, and we will not offer the session. Any more, and there is not enough room.

Time & cost

Girl's Night sessions start at 7:00 PM, last for 90 minutes and cost 15. The topics on offer are specifically tailored for female students.

Payment procedure

Please note that if you pencil in a Girl's Night, I require payment within a week. The money needs to be given Karen Laws.

Rachel regularly hosts Girl's Night workshops in which women are invited to wear typical work attire (skirt & tights) and see how they fare with realistic scenarios.
They get to practice kicking, kneeing, grappling, chokes and holds against a male attacker who is wearing protective shields.

I really enjoyed Girl's Night, it was a real eye opener - just seeing those techniques which don't involve much physical strength but are so effective was really empowering. I think you're right, learning how to do it almost 'instinctively' is the aim. A great class; the first time I've actually thought self defence was realistic and possible.

(Karen Laws)


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