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The syllabus

The martial art of taijiquan is taught in a logical, structured manner. Students work on material best suited to their ability level. They study what is necessary and appropriate.


There are six grades in our taijiquan syllabus:

  1. Beginner

  2. Intermediate

  3. Experienced

  4. Advanced

  5. Expert

  6. Mastery

Progress is contingent upon ability.


People are welcome to take as long as they like to work through each level. However, we encourage progress. Remaining a beginner forever is pointless.


Without long practice one cannot suddenly understand taijiquan.

(Wang Tsung-yueh)

Making space

Within each defined grade students proceed at their own pace. Clear differences in ability become apparent.

Scheme of work

Students must be taught material that is appropriate to ability. Instead of leaping into acquiring combat skills they must first learn how to move differently, to think differently.
This takes time, and is a different journey for each individual.

  1. Beginner's syllabus

  2. Intermediate syllabus

Page created 2 March 1995
Last updated 07 November 2018