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Little and often

It is not necessary to do all of your training in one go. In fact, staggering your exercises across the day can be better. Switch off the PC. Get up and move around. Balance activity and rest.

Don't force yourself

People should train because they want to. Forcing yourself goes against the whole idea of tai chi. If you lack motivation or enthusiasm, think hard about what you want from tai chi.
Be inspired by your own ambition.

Slow down aging

Our home routine is geared towards slowing down the clock. We want to preserve youthful fitness and vitality for as long as we possibly can.
Compliment the routine with plenty of water and nutritious food.


For best results a student should train a wide variety of things each day. Combining different aspects of the syllabus offers the most effective home routine.
Aim for a comprehensive range of stretching and strength-building exercises.

Core practice

We advocate a selection of basic exercises that work the body in very different ways:

  1. Standing qigong

  2. Moving qigong

  3. Long Yang form

  4. Constructive rest

  5. Walking

Standing qigong

Stand for anywhere between 5-30 minutes relative to posture. The main standing postures are best held for 20 minutes without interval.

Moving qigong

There are a range of moving qigong exercises in our curriculum. Each set is quite short and takes only a few minutes to perform.
They can be practiced daily or staggered across the week:

- plate exercise, standing post, 4 directions - forwards & backwards, 4 directions - to the side, opening & closing - to the side, cloud hands, 16 elbows
- ba duan jin (8 exercises)
- moving qigong (8 exercises)
- Stretches & joint work (13
+ exercises)

Long Yang form

Remember to mirror the form in order to balance out both sides of the body.


Walking in nature each day is excellent for your fitness. Even if it is only to and from work or in your lunch hour. Walk whenever you can; slowly and mindfully. Try to find some peace and quiet.


Constructive reading offers new possibilities, insights and creative alternatives.


10-20 minutes of sitting meditation will clear your mind of thoughts.

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