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We have a number of students who are available to offer assistance in class.
They are all keen individuals making excellent progress with tai chi.

Assistant teachers

Marc Boivin and Karen Laws.


Alex House, Amelia House, Ben Beattie, Chris Young, Andy Urwin & David Cousins.

Good character

Helpers attend lessons every week along with workshops and often weekend boot camp.
They practice tai chi at home between classes.
The people Sifu Waller selects as 'helpers' all have excellent character, work hard and possess a good sense of humour.

Mark is an extremely successful high school mathematics teacher. When we asked him when he really learned calculus, he said, "When I first taught it. There is no better way to learn anything than to actually teach it. When I teach something, I have to confront many fundamental questions: What is the motivation to learn this topic? What are the basic examples? On what aspects of this material should I focus? What are the underlying themes? What ties the ideas together? What is the global structure? What are the important details? These questions force me to discover the heart of the matter, and see exactly what I truly understand and what I still need to work on."

(Edward B Burger & Michael Starbird)

What is a helper?

It is important for you to understand what 'helping' means.
There is a Japanese concept: learning-by-helping (shido-geiko).
This involves helping others in order to help yourself.

Helping others

There is a great satisfaction to be found in assisting another student.
The journey of discovery is different for each of us; one size does not fit all.

Helping yourself

In order to explain the tai chi, a helper must dismantle things, give examples, illustrate and demonstrate.
They need to answer questions and to re-consider misconceptions.
Helping is a challenge; it requires the helper to articulate skills and ideas in a way that makes sense to other people.

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