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Workshop/drop-in/taster sessions

Companies/schools/charities sometimes like to offer a drop-in session or workshop where people can have a short taste of tai chi.
We offer a stimulating range of activities:

  1. How to relax

  2. Optimal body use

  3. Balance

  4. Connection

  5. Playful partnered games

  6. Biomechanics

  7. Mind/body unity

  8. Adapt, change & improvise

  9. Coping with conflict

  10. Tai chi form practice

  11. Self defence courses

  12. Qigong

  13. Stress-relief

  14. Meditation

People are encouraged to join-in and try things out for themselves, rather than just watch.

Chill out

Tai chi is an excellent way to encourage staff to relax and unwind during the busy day. It reduces stress, improves fitness and generates a sense of well-being.
People who train tai chi are less likely to be ill or off-work sick. The atmosphere is informal, fun, relaxing and calm. We offer the opportunity to explore the Art without pressure or judgement.

How long do the sessions last?

Maximum duration is 3 hours overall (including rest breaks). Sessions can be divided into smaller increments relative to requirement.

How large can the group be?

Up to 30 people is ideal.

How much is a session?

300 + travel expenses. 20% non-refundable deposit required when booking. If you want a shorter session, it is still 300.


Sessions are hosted by the hirer.

Who has hired us?



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Last updated 25 April 2016