How to look good in tights
Written by Rachel

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The ugly truth

Most women do not look good in tights. This is not an opinion. It is an observable truth: like rain or snow or a car. I'm talking about body health, not aesthetics.
There are 3 reasons:

  1. Leg shape is undefined

  2. Buttocks are not ovoid

  3. The individual has a paunch

Tights don't hide these features; rather, they accentuate them and the outcome is not very flattering.
The commonly-worn (undesirable) lycra hosiery can be worse than nylon in this regard; sucking in the flab, reducing circulation and mal-shaping the appearance even further.


The good news is that your lower body can easily be favourably re-shaped. Without sweat, strain or exertion. We can gently encourage muscular growth, reduce flab and re-sculpt.

Legs to die for?

Throughout history actresses, celebrities and models have accentuated their legs by wearing thin nylon stockings or tights. The hosiery provides shading and smoothness; highlighting their beauty.
If you research the topic, the most favourable leg qualities are shapely, muscular (not bulky) and toned-looking. Many women have gained these legs from dance or other kinds of exercise.

Taijiquan fitness

Taijiquan is highly recommended for toning the entire body. Unlike many forms of sport, taijiquan doesn't favour upper body strength.
The lower body specifically needs to be extremely strong. Sifu Waller exemplifies this; with 'rubbery', un-pinchable buttocks and unreal, on-going strength throughout his entire body.
Taijiquan students who train diligently rapidly develop a new, fitter, stronger body - aesthetically agreeable and functionally powerful.

Defined legs

Healthy, balanced exercise will lead to notable muscular development in the legs. Walking really helps too. The most attractive muscles are fluid ones. Not tense, held tissue.
Qigong, tai chi for health, tai chi for fitness and taijiquan all serve to tone the legs - providing you make a habit of training every day.
Well-defined legs have strong calves, thighs, lean ankles and healthy, dexterous feet.

5 forms

There are 5 forms in the syllabus. These provide a very strong workout for the legs. The forms must be practiced with terrific balance, stamina, endurance and uncommon neuro-muscular control.

Fix your

Many women have very ugly feet. This is caused by ill-fitting shoes, failure to look after the health of the feet and inadequate exercise. Some shoes actively prevent the foot from working properly.
The solution is to buy better-fitting shoes and practice more form. One of the advantages of form is that it requires the foot to move in a very natural manner; promoting strong feet and good muscles.

Versatile movement & strength

Taijiquan teaches the body how to move in a more varied, controlled, challenging manner. In order to accomplish this the feet must be capable of moving freely and easily; without impediment.
This will cause the toes to spread naturally, the feet to become more supple and considerable strength to develop throughout the feet and the ankles.


In recent years, the female buttocks have become the main cultural focus for aesthetic overhaul. This has led to the Brazilian bubble butt and other similar trends. These are all akin to body building...
Rather than body build, it is better to develop functional muscles that positively affect your everyday health, strength and wellbeing. Aesthetics becomes a great by-product, rather than the goal.

In good shape

Buttock muscles are supposed to be akin to a vertical oval for each buttock. There should be notable muscular development; the outcome of healthy everyday squatting.
For women the healthiest buttock shapes are 'rounded' or 'upside-down heart'.


Most people sit too much. This can lead to under-developed gluteus maximus muscles; which is bad for the back in particular. Weakness in these large muscles can affect the whole body.

Physical neglect

Some buttock shapes immediately indicate physical neglect:

  1. Box shape

  2. V-shape

  3. Flat

These shapes are not genetic. They are caused by poor habits of body use and a failure to exercise adequately.

Pelvic tilt

Women often have a pelvic tilt. This is undesirable and medically unsound. Titling the pelvis forwards or backwards affects the upper body and malforms the buttocks. The pelvis needs to be neutral.
Titling the pelvis harms the knees and the lower back.

Qigong exercises

Many of the qigong exercises teach the student how to use the hip kwa appropriately. They involve mild squats throughout.

Leg stretches & psoas exercises

There are 2 sets of legs stretches and 4 psoas exercises. Leg stretches provide a comprehensive lower body workout and will go a long way to remedying any under-developed muscles.
Psoas exercises encourage a neutral pelvis position and cultivate 'core stability'.

Taoist Yoga

Yoga was designed to unite the different parts of the body. It accomplishes this in a different way to qigong and taijiquan. Taoist Yoga stretches the legs and works the buttocks in new ways.

Core strength

The core strength exercises were designed to train the body to work muscle groups neglected by most people. Namely, the lower abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks.
The enormous muscles of the legs and buttocks are really put through their paces.

Stockings & suspender belt

In the same way that tights reveal rather than conceal some of our physical flaws, stockings and suspender belt can do the same.
According to Valerie Steele, garter belt and stockings create a 'frame' around the buttocks/groin area; significantly emphasising that part of the body. The effect is accentuated by dark hosiery.
Conversely, this is great news if your figure is good: the hosiery hides veins and skin blemishes and highlights your muscles, whilst the underwear draws attention to your physique. A win-win situation?

How do you look?

If you put on a pair of Golden Lady seamless tights and take a look in the mirror, you want to be very comfortable with what you see. If you are not, then why not do something about it?
Tell yourself the truth: Do your buttocks look rounded, firm and pert? Are you legs toned? Is your lower abdomen a healthy size? Good health will be reflected by a good appearance.

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