Indoor student conditions
Written by Rachel

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Any taijiquan student may ask to become an indoor student, but there are conditions.


To become an indoor student of taijiquan, the student must meet certain criteria:

  1. A commitment to attend indoor training opportunities frequently e.g. 12 sessions per year

  2. Studying taijiquan

  3. Commitment to daily home training

  4. Willingness to undertake study, research and assignments with enthusiasm

  5. Handing in assignments frequently

  6. Sense of humour

  7. Passing grades frequently

  8. No attitude problems/ego/arrogance

  9. Aim to attend all classes, workshops and boot camp

  10. Good school spirit

These are not negotiable.

Small print

Unlike a lineage student, there is no contract, no tea ceremony, no bai shi. The indoor student relationship is simple:
If the indoor student trains hard, they reap the rewards. If they find that indoor tuition isn't working for them or they can't commit the time, they return to 'normal' student status.
There's no pressure or hassle involved. Students proceed at their own pace, in their own time, in their own way.

Minimum expectations

An indoor student needs to attend indoor lessons. Otherwise they aren't indoor.
Secondly, they need to move up the syllabus every year. Indoor isn't a badge or status symbol. It signifies seriousness.


For most indoor students, wearing a changshan marks the beginning of more earnest training. They now wear the indoor patch on their left arm and their behaviour needs to reflect what it means.

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