Taijiquan syllabus

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No longer a beginner

Intermediate students work through:

  1. Long Yang form (section 1)

  2. Pushing hands

  3. Stretching

  4. Theory & principles

Getting the hang of the basics

Intermediate students are not experts.
They are simply being introduced to basic skills.
Their responsibility is to practice the Art frequently enough for the
muscle memory to remember what to do.
This takes time and patience.
Without a strong foundation a taijiquan student is not going to get very far...

An introduction to taijiquan

At this stage in their training, the student is essentially a tai chi for health student with an interest in taijiquan.
The experienced syllabus is when the fighting begins.


The intermediate grade is all about improving fitness.
A student is required to work at notably improving their stamina, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular health and agility.
There is a physical to pass at the end of the grade.

Your responsibility

Only you can gain skill at taijiquan and become a taijiquan student.
If this is not happening, do not look outside of yourself for the answer.
Who binds you? Who is stopping you?
That's right; you are.
Look to your own practice, attitude and commitment.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.



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