Intermediate syllabus
Taijiquan syllabus

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Understanding changes

Once you can perform one skill adequately, move onto the next.

Later, go back and revise what you have learned previously.
You will see it now with different eyes.

An introduction to taijiquan

A student is required to work at notably improving their stamina, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and agility.
The intermediate syllabus is when the fighting begins.

You are where you are

Taijiquan study is a journey, a process, a way of exploring life, yourself and the world around you.
Do not think in terms of conclusions or attainment.
Just work on what is in front of you right now.


The second grade includes the following material:


Form posture qigong (70/30)
High circle qigong
Horse stance
Pushing peng exercise
Qigong development
Qigong on one leg
Standing post with arms
Stretches & joint work 


Core strength (3 sets)
Tao yin/Taoist Yoga (3 sets)

Form (regular & mirrored)

Long Yang form

Pushing hands

Double pushing hands
Monkey paws (5 hands)
Monkey paws (stepping)
Single pushing hands (stepping)

Partner work

4 directions with a partner
70/30 stance
Central equilibrium fixed feet
Chin na applications
Countering punches, kicks & grapples
Countering/pushing peng
Dying ground
Everybody falls
Floor work
Form applications
Martial concepts
Pushing peng (partnered)
Pushing peng (striking)
Shuai jiao applications
Yielding/chin na

Yielding/shuai jiao

Martial sets

Penetrating defences
Silk arms
Small san sau


Knife drills
Stick drills (3 sets)
Sword drills

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