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Invest in your wellbeing

Avoid/offset the common problems associated with 21st Century life:

Memory loss
Stiff neck
Lack of mindfulness
Low energy
Reduced sex drive
No peace of mind
Diminished brain activity
Poor focus/concentration
Sarcopenia (muscle loss with aging)
Reduced joint function
Bad circulation
Heart problems
Respiratory problems
Poor lower body strength
Imbalanced body use
Reduced stamina and endurance
Deeply-held muscular tension
Poor awareness
Poor sleep
Limited flexibility/suppleness
Bad coordination
Not relaxed
Bad poise and posture
Too much sitting
Reduced mobility
Back problems
Knee problems
Poor condition
Loss of manual dexterity in the fingers
Lack of ambidexterity 
Sports injuries

Fix yourself up

Instead of accepting inevitable deterioration, why not aim to slow it down?
Medical research has proven that a small daily commitment to tai chi practice can produce tremendous results over time. The training is concerned with re-energising the body.
Tai chi is all about finding balance between action & inaction, activity & rest, doing & not doing, mobility & stability, work & play, self & other.


The training is friendly and relaxed yet still effective. There is no pressure put upon the individual. You train at your own pace and progress as you wish. Everyone in the class is treated the same, there are no favourites or cliques.

(Paul B)

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Last updated 18 September 2019