Learning skills

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Watch carefully. Aim to reproduce what the teacher is doing. Avoid improvisation, alteration or over-thinking.


Pay full attention:

  1. Look at the person talking to you

  2. Listen to what they are saying

  3. Avoid talking or thinking of questions to ask

  4. Do not fidget; relax your hands

  5. Relax your feet

Concentrate. Be patient. Listen closely, follow instructions and practice. Understanding requires experience and context.


Gain familiarity by doing tai chi at home. Think about what you explored in class. Deepen your knowledge by reading our website.

The student has nothing to offer but an absolute willingness to follow the teacher's instructions and direction without question or comments or personal improvisation.

(Dave Lowry) 

Bite size

It is tempting to try and understand everything all at once. And absurd. Sifu Waller has been training for decades; no one can hope to gain that level of skill quickly.
Aim to progress methodically and gradually.


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