Mad scientist. Telepath. Stunt Driver.

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Yellow belt

Maria is working through the yellow belt syllabus.

Coffee Club

Maria is a member of the Coffee Club.

2021 attendance

In order to grade, Maria must attend 1 more workshop/boot camp.

Class: weekly
Workshops attended: 11/12
Boot camp: 0
Private lessons: 0


The sage speaks. You hear what you want. I hear what I want.




Assignment #1 - Q & A
Assignment #2 - Attitude & etiquette


The ball game
Monkey paws
Partner work
Psoas exercises
Pushing legs
Single pushing hands

Challenge full circle qigong (30 mins x 4 weeks)
Challenge standing qigong (4 postures) (20 minutes x 4 weeks)
Challenge - yielding exercise challenge (30 mins x 6 weeks)

Assignment #1 - Q & A
Assignment #2 - Attitude & etiquette
Assignment #3 - Q & A
Assignment #4 - Attitude & etiquette

Greyed out items meet the required standard of skill.

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