Martial eligibility

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Kung fu

Although taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist) isn't a conventional martial art, it is still a style of kung fu, and kung fu literally means 'hard work'.


To train self defencechin nashuai jiao, taijiquan or weapons training you must fulfil the health and safety criteria presented by our insurance company.
It states that all students must be taught relative to ability/competence/health.

Mandatory factors

These six items are essential for martial arts training with our school:

  1. No medical/health problems *

  2. Age (over 18)

  3. Good attitude & humour

  4. Weekly attendance

  5. Prepared to practice at home between classes

  6. Not studying another martial art

* this includes being notably overweight

Fitness & attitude

We reserve the right to decline martial tuition:

• if we feel that a student is physically unable to study taijiquan safely
• if an individual demonstrates the wrong attitude for taijiquan study

Insurance regulations prohibit a student from training material that is unsuitable for their fitness/ability level.
Rachel will always act with the wellbeing of the student in mind.

If you’re looking for something easy, then kung fu is probably not for you.

(Anna Spysz)

Worth reading

The Sword Polisher's Record: Way of Kung-fu by Adam Hsu

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