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Members of our school have access to training opportunities, knowledge, skills and resources that are not widely available at other tai chi schools:

Taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist) syllabus
Baguazhang (8 trigrams palm) syllabus
Tai chi for health syllabus
Tai chi for fitness syllabus

Train up to 2 hours a night
Opportunity to purchase school DVDs
Address individual health concerns & training requirements
Tips & pointers, refinement & corrections
 One-to-one assessment/feedback/guidance available
New material every week
Access extra web pages via the school database 
 Workshops, boot camp and class social events
 All the famous fitness benefits of tai chi
Fully-differentiated syllabus 
13 areas of study
Pressure-free grading
5 taijiquan forms: Long Yang, sabre, walking stick, jian (straight sword), pao chui (cannon fist)
Complete biomechanical understanding of form
Exploration and application of The Tai Chi Classics
 Chin na (seizing)
 Shuai jiao (take downs)
 Self defence
Form applications

 Weapons training
Neigong (whole-body strength)
Jing (whole-body power)

 A wide variety of qigong exercises
Martial theory & practical application
Taijiquan principles
Taoism & Zen
Brain work
(meditation, awareness, metacognition)
Cheaper private lessons
Option of joining Rachel's Tea Appreciation Club


All new
tai chi students wear a white T-shirt and kung fu trousers.

I learned more from Sifu Waller in 6 months than I did in almost 2 years with my previous school.


The training is friendly and relaxed yet still effective. There is no pressure put upon the individual. You train at your own pace and progress as you wish. Everyone in the class is treated the same, there are no favourites or cliques.

(Paul B)

I very much enjoy your sessions - without any false flattery, you have been the best instructor I have encountered for any martial art. Your commitment, patience and dedication to the art and your students is something that I believe many instructors should aspire to.

To your credit
Sifu Waller, you have shown me something that has I did not expect to find in taijiquan... a comprehensive fighting system in itself. I wish the rest of the MA community would wake up and see what you see.


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