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Membership fee (standing order)

Working with Rachel 40/month
Working with Sifu Waller 50/month

Extra training

Workshop 10
Girl's Night 15
Boot camp 25
Private lesson 40


Badges (beginners) 5
Badges (changshan) 10
DVDs 20

Indoor tuition

Saturday morning session 100 (for up to 4 indoor students). Additional indoor students @ 25/each.

Free of charge

Teacher training

Payment policy

If you want to attend a class, workshop, boot camp or private lesson, please pay up-front in cash in class or on-line.
No Amazon vouchers please.

We do not offer refunds. If you cancel or do not attend, your place is forfeit. Your booking cannot be transferred to another date.

Ang pow

Ang pow is not offered in lieu of lesson fees.

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