Private lessons

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We currently only offer private tuition to members of our school. You have to do the induction course and join the school before being allowed to book.


A private lesson is intended to supplement Monday night and workshops. We don't offer private lessons as an alternative to evening classes.

New starters

New starters are not encouraged to do private lessons. An inexperienced student lacks the wherewithal to get the most out of the sessions.
It is essentially wasted money.
More experienced school members can benefit from private lessons because they have some sense of context and perspective.


A beginner's class is not an intensive session. Sifu Waller must spread his time and attention across the entire hall. Topics are introduced, explained and practiced.
But we could go deeper...
A private lesson is an opportunity to look further into the art. To work directly with Sifu
Waller. To receive individual corrections.

Please note...

We only offer private lessons to existing school members who will benefit from one to one tuition.
e.g. a novice student is wasting their money asking for private lessons. They lack the necessary foundation to understand the lessons or context. Their time, effort and money would be better spent attending regular lessons.


This list represents potential slots and is not our diary:



11:00 AM




11:00 AM




11:00 AM




11:00 AM

We do not offer private lessons on an evening or weekend.

Can I share the class with somebody else?

Certainly. If you want to bring a friend or partner, that is fine. Shared private lessons are a good way to get in-depth tuition.

How long do the lessons last?

Private lessons are 1 hour long.

How much is the lesson?

40/hour. Lessons must be paid for in advance.


We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. We do not offer refunds.

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