Qi myths

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No belief is required

There is little scientific evidence to explain exactly what happens to the body as a result of doing qigong and taijiquan.
However, many case studies (involving large groups of people) have recorded a significant improvement in health.


Be wary of claims that qigong is a cure all for medical problems.
There is no such thing.
Qigong and taijiquan were not designed to treat sick people.
They cannot target ailments.
The exercises should improve the overall wellbeing and functioning of the body.
Anything else is a bonus and not guaranteed.

You cannot defeat your opponent using qi

Qi alone is not going to defeat anyone.
If it could, why bother to learn the system? Why not just hit people with your qi?

Our energy is more precious than all the gold in the world. It is a more powerful anti-aging tool than anything else.

Energy regenerates our liver and other tissue cells, flushes toxic waste from the body, helps maintain our ideal weight, keeps our skin smooth and our hair healthy.
The more energy we have, the better we feel and the more beautiful we become.

(Kimberly Snyder)


Qi may or may not fuel the body, but it is kinetic energy that moves the body.
To apply taijiquan effectively in combat you have to learn pretty much all the same skills you would learn in any
martial art, but with a twist.
Unlike the external arts, your focus will be upon whole-body movement, softness, gravity, sensitivity and going with the flow.
There is no holding, blocking, bracing or forcing of any kind.

Learning about qi

We would like to emphasise the fact that our classes never feature any discussions about qi.
Our students focus upon tangible physical methods designed to improve alignment, awareness, relaxation and skilful body use.
People learn real, reproducible skills and gain substantial benefits.

Qi is some sort of 'fairy dust'...

Some tai chi instructors talk about qi all the time.
Qi is made to sound like 'fairy dust' - it can magically cure all ailments and impart amazing powers.
This is clearly not true.

Talking about qi

In our experience, people who spend a lot of time talking about qi seldom have anything else to offer.
They struggle when asked to produce more concrete proof of ability.
No syllabus. No methodology. No depth of skill.

Let qi take care of itself

It is easy to chat about qi when no proof is expected.
This hardly demonstrates a high degree of knowledge or skill.
Taoism calls such behaviour "eating the flower and not the fruit".

Our classes avoid speculation, supposition and opinion.
Students are required to exercise, improve awareness and understand human

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Last updated 21 April 2017