Rachel Waller
Qigong & tai chi

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7000 miles from here...

Rachel Waller was born in Kuching, Borneo.
She is from Chinese/Kayan descent.
Brought up on a steady diet of Chinese martial arts movies,
Rachel has been interested in martial arts training for most of her life.

Taekwondo black belt

Rachel studied with the Sarawak Taekwondo Association (ITF) and passed her first taekwondo black belt in 1994.
She went on to become president of the club.

Living in the UK

After passing her degree at Durham University Rachel became a permanent resident.
She has lived in the UK ever since.

Taijiquan & baguazhang

Rachel attended a class being taught by Sifu Waller and was so amazed by his high level of skill that she joined the class immediately.
It was quite a surprise to find bona fide martial arts skills of this kind in the UK.

I like that there's no macho, aggressive attitude in the class, and that everyone is helpful and respectful of one another.
I also like the structure of the class, and the clear
syllabus that lets you see how you're progressing.

(Joel Halligan)

Qualified tai chi teacher

Rachel is a Malaysian tai chi
teacher registered with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

DBS checked

Rachel has been Disclosure and Barring Service checked so that she can teach adults of all ages.


Rachel offers a wide variety of skills:

  1. Qigong
    - standing qigong (various)
    - moving qigong (various)

  2. Form
    - Long Yang form (regular & mirrored)
    - sabre form (regular & mirrored)
    - 2-person stick form (regular & mirrored)
    - staff form (regular & mirrored)
    - walking stick form (regular & mirrored)
    - jian form (regular & mirrored)

  3. Pushing hands

  4. Meditation

  5. Self-massage

  6. Psoas exercises

  7. Constructive rest

  8. Leg stretches

  9. Floor exercises

  10. Cardio work

  11. Theory & principles

  12. Neigong (whole-body strength)

  13. Taoist Yoga (tao yin)

  14. Self defence


Rachel handles the registration of students in class, writing a blog, administrating class, inducting new starters, preparing the hall for class, organising (and sometimes hosting) social events and answering e-mails.
She is responsible for locating venues, photography and filming.
Her creative input has resulted in many positive changes for the class.

Internal martial arts

Rachel is studying 2 internal martial arts: baguazhang and taijiquan.

Hobbies & interests

Malaysian people are obsessed with food and Rachel is no exception.
She has other interests too... meditation, gardening, walking, cooking, baking, photography, reading, crochet, sewing, knitting, cycling, old movies, sci fi, graphic novels, the countryside, nature and cuddling her husband.
Rachel likes to explore traditional Japanese culture e.g. haiku, ukiyo-e, literature, calligraphy, textiles, pottery, tea ceremony, furoshiki (the Japanese art of wrapping things using fabrics), yosou (the Japanese art of food arrangement) along with modern anime.


has been married to Sifu Waller for quite a long time.


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