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Martial arts instructor

Sifu Waller teaches martial students and taijiquan beginners on a Monday night. He also teaches workshops, private lessons, indoor tuition and boot camp.
He is responsible for the syllabus, insurance compliance, this website, DVDs, on-line presence, school paperwork/forms/wall notices/handouts/welcome packs and the overall running of the school.

Qigong & tai chi

Rachel Waller teaches the induction course, tai chi for health, tai chi for fitness, qigong, taijiquan candidates and administers registration. She also answers e-mails.

Teaching assistants

Marc Boivin, Karen Laws, Dr Ben Beattie, Chris Young and Mark 3 assist Rachel with the induction course, tai chi for health, tai chi for fitness and qigong.

Social events

The Social Secretary for our school is responsible for finding a suitable venue, determining who wants to attend, booking a table and collecting meal ang pow.

Ang pow

Karen collects ang pow twice a year: Start of the Training Year and Chinese New Year. She will also assist if a student desires to give additional ang pow e.g. for the instructor's birthday.

Indoor students

Indoor students have no additional responsibilities in our school.

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