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Website feedback

Feedback from readers is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time:

Insightful and concise remarks from deep within the heart of a master. 

(Michael P Garofalo)

If conciseness was an art Form then a fine example of it being practiced would be a page from Sifu Waller's website.

So much wisdom distilled into one page. Truly Zen like.


It remains a pleasure to read the well chosen words of Sifu Waller. They are firm, clear and full of meaning. They compel respect.


The website is truly a thing of wonder. I get lost in it - itís a bit like going travelling and constantly coming across unexpected delights that enlighten and open up further doors to different pathways. It has a beautifully organic feel to it.


Your school is unlike anything else I have experienced. In over 12 years of studying tai chi and qigong at various schools around the UK, only Sifu Waller's class demonstrates and is able to teach the integral, internal aspects of tai chi that allow it to be used to its true potential as a martial art. It has been a rare privilege to experience the depth of knowledge and practical skill offered by Sifu Waller, and I would recommend anyone who has the good fortune to be able to attend his classes to do so without hesitation.

Never found anything else like it in the country. If you are lucky enough to live near enough to access this class you have the opportunity to learn from a true master, who can actually use tai chi as an effective martial art, with a comprehensive syllabus that will develop your confidence, health, skill and character. I cannot recommend the class or teacher highly enough.


Rachel, there is not 1 page on your site that is not interesting...  My weekend has now become infinitely more interesting. As I 'fumble' (well not really) along each morning it never ceases to delight that there is generally a series of postings from you guys that is relevant to some 'small challenge' I am encountering. Have a fulfilling weekend.


I often quote
kung fu instructor Sifu Waller, who has a great way of stating Taoist principles succinctly. His website includes extensive writing about Taoism and related subjects.


I learned more in one afternoon about the art of Yang style tai chi by browsing Sifu Waller's website than I have in the 2 months I spent searching Google. Some people are better at putting these things into words than other people. Sifu Waller is one of them. The art as explained on Sifu Waller's website is obviously the real deal.


Sifu Waller, Thank you! I've never thanked anyone for their web site. There is so much to learn, isn't there? You are providing endless opportunity, thanks!


Thank you for your lovely site... just what I needed to stumble across tonight.


Great website/database by the way. I love the way it opens up organically as you explore and make progress...


I enjoyed the depth and knowledge of tai chi on your website and appreciate the study and hard work it represents. I believe that those seeking tai chi will be spurred on to seek the deeper art instead of just emptily waving their arms.

I especially appreciated your comments regarding tai chi competitions. I detest the shoving matches that pass for push hands, and the flowery forms and displays of gymnastic flexibility that seem to impress the judges. I generally suggest that my students go to a competition to compare and contrast what they see there, between various competitors and in class. They usually note the lack of the yielding principle and the ostentation, and egos, and are somewhat shocked.

I have found that most authors who have a negative view on most of what is being taught in tai chi classes are only interested in pushing down others to point out their supremacy. Definitely not so with your site. Instead of insisting that people travel great distances to learn from you alone, you post a helpful guideline for students to be aware of when evaluating a teacher or class. Thatís great! Like you, my teacher, George Ling Hu, often said that the particular style did not matter. Rather the focus should be on the tai chi principles and they should be evident in your practice, not just a list you recite. In my 21 years of practice I have seen the truth of this and applaud you pointing this out.

I will add a link to your site on my local website so that my students and others in the Houston, Texas area can access your impressive store of knowledge.

Thank you. Sincerely,

(Greg Illich)

Your web site...
Beautiful and truth seeking, a joy to read. Thank you.

(Sue and David)

Sifu Waller presents a non-macho, common sense approach to tai chi and self defence that is quite surprising in its clarity. His site is well written, sincere and open. Somehow he manages to share his thoughts without getting on a soapbox or selling himself or his own (unique) class. Also, he's offering this invaluable on-line resource for free! He seems to be entirely free of the tai chi politics commonly encountered these days and that is a refreshing change...


Congratulations on your outstanding website. My name is Ron and I currently live in Melbourne Australia. Studied and practiced martial arts as a young man in the 60's and 70's.

Was fortunate to study Classical Yang style tai chi in Montreal Canada with Lee Shiu Pak disciple of Chen Wei Minh in Shanghai prior to cultural revolution. Studied with Master Lee for over 10 years. His concept was that to truly develop the tai chi student must study the following four areas: Form, Boxing, Healing & Wisdom. I moved to Australia in 1980 & Master Lee died in 1982.

The reason for this e-mail is to congratulate you on your website content. Your approach is very impressive & thoughtful. You remind me of Master Lee, and that is the greatest compliment I can give. Good Luck with your class. If I were living in Newcastle I would love to attend your class.


This morning I was attempting to remember and re-organize my discipline, love, honour, and commitment vis a vis my life and martial arts training. I discovered your web site and it is so beautifully organized and to the point of my thoughts, that I had to email you and say thank you for having it on the internet.


Excellent website and photos. Very thought provoking!


I am writing to say how inspiring I find your website and blog. Calm and inspiring.
I only found it last week but I hope to be a regular visitor from now on.


The more I discover as I read the more I want to explore the different insights.


I stumbled across your site and have lingered here now for several days,
reading, experiencing and enjoying everything.
I've also practiced Yang Style tai chi for about thirty years. I and my instructor were astounded to find such a treasure - a site by someone who actually gets it. From neigong to Lao Tzu, your site is as wonderful as it is knowledgeable and perceptive.


First I am very impressed by your site. You have done the spadework and have so much to share (I have not yet read every page but will work my way through). Thank you for this.
The attitude that you have to teaching and learning of tai chi is spot on.


You are a rare teacher, I hope your students appreciate this.

(Ron B)

Great Site! I have been exploring your site and it is full of great information on tai chi. Even though I live in the U.S. It is great to see how tai chi has touched other lives.


I love the website - nicely set out and excellent information.


Greetings Sifu Waller: I like your Xmas views.
Margot & I decided no presents for each other this year.
Well that is not strictly correct. I give Margot $210, she gives me $210.
We then pool the $420 & send it to India where a Tibetan Buddhist Monk's father will have an operation and regain his sight.
I think I am starting to get that Christmas feeling again.
All the best Sifu Waller to you & yours
Cheerio, Ron B.


If you would like to send an article idea for possible publication in our Journal of Asian Martial Arts, we would welcome hearing from you.


Sifu Waller's site has more on it than may be first apparent, and it certainly has more free and sensible information on it than most.
Having now spent several hours surfing through it I must say that it is very good and I was particularly taken with the alphabetical index of pieces on a wide range of subjects that are highly relevant to the proper understanding of tai chi.
I was so struck by some (many!) of these pieces that I have begun to prepare a commentary on some of them.

(Gary Robinson)

Greetings Mrs Waller,

You and your husband's postings have been a source of encouragement and motivation to me for the past year. I learnt the Wu Style form from an NZ teacher over a 3 year period. He has now moved on but I practice daily and have done so for almost two years now. It is a habit, daily either 6.30 or 7. You and Sifu Waller's site, blog, A-Z are such a consistent source of motivation that I can do no more than wish your husband a very, very happy birthday. As I struggle, discover and move ever so minimally on my Tai chi journey, I wish to pass on a heartfelt thanks to you and Sifu Waller.

Kindest Regards,

(Eric Gilliand, New Zealand)

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