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Working with Sifu Waller

Having learned the introductory skills, a student is required to train as a taijiquan student and pay taijiquan fees of 50.
This enables the
student to work through more material and to be tutored closely by Sifu Waller himself.

The lesson starts at 6:30 PM

A martial artist needs to have self-discipline, focus, control. There is no scope for sloppiness. The taijiquan lesson starts at 6:30 PM. Be there on time.


Having learned the first qigong exercises the student is now required to increase their martial focus.
There are weapons drills, stretching exercises, combat skills and sections 1, 2 & 3 of the Long Yang form to learn.
The student must also revise and
mirror the entire form sequence. This is a challenging part of the syllabus where home training really makes a difference.

Pale belts

The first 4 belts are introductory. They are for people who have an interest in taijiquan and want a mild taste of the art.

Darker belts

Blue, purple and brown are for students willing to make the level of commitment associated with martial arts training.

6:30 PM - Warm-up

Taijiquan students perform a variety of warm-up exercises as a group.

Core strength

The core strength sets involve a series of exercises, performed sequentially. They start off easy and get harder and harder.
If you're late to class, you can't just 'jump in' halfway through the set. If you are not in class for 6:30 PM, please do qigong warm-ups as normal.

7:00 PM - Monkey paws and pushing hands

Spend 30 minutes practicing monkey and and pushing hands with as many different practice partners as they can. The aim is to do the exercise until your body takes over and the movements become reflexive.

Assessments for grading

Students who want to be assessed by Sifu Waller need to arrange this at the start of the lesson.

7:30 PM - Form

Taijiquan students work on sections 1, 2 & 3 of the Long Yang form with Sifu Waller before mirroring the form. Sections 2 & 3 are longer and more interesting.
These can be practiced by anyone who can perform section 1 adequately. Once the entire Long Yang form pattern is familiar, the student works through stages 2-5.

8:00 PM - Partner work

Revise basic partner work, yielding basic skills, martial concepts and weaponry. Aim to train with as many different students as possible; ranging from new starters to higher graded students.

Student: I seek liberation and freedom.

Master: Who binds you?

(Zen mondo)

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