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Access to all?

Quite often tai chi will be presented in the popular press or on TV as being the 'perfect' exercise. This is simply not true. Perfect for who?
Consider this: can a person in a wheelchair go running or cycling? Can a blind person drive an articulated lorry?
Everyone has limitations. Not every form of exercise or activity is appropriate for everybody
. This is not discrimination. It is just common sense.

Is tai chi suitable for me?

We receive a lot of e-mails from people who ask if tai chi is suitable for them. This is a rather tricky question...
We have never met the inquirer. We know nothing about them. We don't know what their tastes, expectations, requirements, personality is like...
We don't really know what they are looking for.

Research could save you time & money

A would-be student should take the time to learn a little more about what the class is offering before attending any sessions. Do a little research. The time spent will be worthwhile.


Some tai chi classes have specialist areas of tuition e.g. t
ai chi for the elderly, tai chi for children or tai chi as performance art.
We specialise in teaching
taijiquan, biomechanics, neigong, jing, chin na, shuai jiao, self defence and baguazhang. In other words: martial arts training.

Do we teach health students?

Yes, we do. We welcome non-martial students seeking to improve their overall health.


If you have any covid-19 vulnerability concerns/issues, tai chi is probably not the right form of exercise for you. You would be better seeking something that does not entail close proximity and physical contact.


Please e-mail them before you attend.

Further reading

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