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2 approaches

We offer 2 health paths:

  1. Tai chi for health (default)

  2. Tai chi for fitness

Our aim is to make tai chi available to as many students as we can without compromising the integrity of the art.


Tai chi for health is the default membership in our school. Virtually anyone can study tai chi for health. By contrast, tai chi for fitness membership is conditional.


The tai chi for fitness syllabus is aimed at students who are seeking to train harder.
It is more demanding, features a wide variety of exercise methods and encourages a higher degree of suppleness and flexibility.


Tai chi for health students are encouraged to print off the syllabus page and bring it to class with them. Put your name on the sheet. Ask Rachel to assist you in ticking-off unknown items.

Working with Rachel

On a Monday night Sifu Waller only teaches taijiquan students so please do not ask him for assistance. Qigong and tai chi for health is taught by Rachel.
Please approach the tai chi for health
teacher with your questions.

Corrections and refinement

In order to learn tai chi for health, it is necessary to have your practice regularly corrected. Initially, the student can only approximate the required movements.
With many years of practice they slowly begin to use their body in the internal way.


Tai chi for health membership allows the student to proceed at their own pace, in their own time. However, standards must be taken into consideration.
There must be some manner of assessment.
For example: If a student has learned a form movement and seeks to learn a new movement, they must demonstrate the necessary level of competence and understanding.


Students will benefit immensely from buying class DVDs. The harder you work at the start of any endeavour, the easier the work will be in the long-term:

  1. Qigong

  2. Long Yang form (section 1)

  3. Long Yang form (section 2)

  4. Long Yang form (section 3)

  5. Exercises

The DVDs can be purchased in class.

Your responsibility

Tai chi for health membership does not pressure the student in any way. You may train as much or as little as you want.
Of course we would prefer all students to attend every class and train daily at home. But this is your concern, not ours.
We only get involved when you ask to do something that exceeds your capacity and the request is unrealistic/dangerous.

Asking for more?

Prove that you can handle it. Our insurance company policy insists that students are taught relative to competence
If you want to learn more advanced material, you need to be capable of doing the training. Otherwise you will just get hurt. Do not ask for more if you are not going to put in the work.

Insurance policy

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain has a very clear insurance policy. It states that students must study material appropriate to ability.

Martial arts/self defence?

If a tai chi for health student wishes to switch to taijiquan, ask Rachel. But please note that you cannot address any combat training as a tai chi for health student or a tai chi for fitness student.

Refunds & cancellation

Our membership policy is akin to a gym membership.
We request 7 days notice if you are planning to quit. That way the student has the time to cancel their standing order in advance.
Should the standing order be inadvertently sent after notice has been given, we will immediately refund the amount.

If you fail to give notice, don't attend classes or decide to cancel after the first of the month we will not refund the monthly fee.

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