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Written by Rachel

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Tea appreciation

Rachel is a keen tea enthusiast and likes to introduce people to the various tastes of tea. Many people in our school either have an interest in loose leaf tea or seek to cultivate a wider palate.

Tea Club

We offer members the opportunity to join a small informal Tea Club. It is aimed primarily for students who attend workshops, boot camp or private lessons at our house


The aim of the Tea Club is to encourage people to seek out, purchase and the share interesting varieties of tea


To join the Tea Club, you simply need to purchase some tea and bring your tea to our house. It needs to be labelled with your name and the type of tea.


A 125g pouch or caddy is an ideal size. Please don't get anything larger or it may go out of date.

Pu erh

If buying pu erh, please allow that certain flavours are intended for long term storage before drinking (e.g. 10 years). Drinking this type of tea prematurely is a waste

Real tea

Herbal tea, red bush tea, tea bags etc are not high enough quality tea (or even necessarily from the camellia sinensis bush), so please don't bring these

How does it work?

It's simple. You bring your tea and I put it in the Tea Club tin. Whenever you come to our house, arrive early and try a different flavour of tea from the tin.
Later in the workshop, you can select a different flavour if desired.

No share, no tea

A Tea Club only works if people share. To partake of the tea stored in the tin, you need to contribute to the tin. And when the tea runs out, you'll be asked to supply some more
We have to do it this way to avoid being taken advantage of by people who want to taste the tea but haven't shared anything.

Wishful thinking

Please don't e-mail to say you'd love to join but can't for whatever reason. This is just time wasting.

In the tin

These teas are in the tin:

  1. Sencha Goji Berry Pomegranate Blend (no 57) - Peter

  2. Oolong Formosa - Dr Ben

  3. Jasmine Phoenix Pearls (no 48)

  4. Greek herbal tea - Martin

  5. Royal Ceylon Gunpowder (no 68) - Karen

  6. Vintage pu erh (no 81)

  7. White Peony - Karen

  8. Apple & Ginger

  9. Sencha Fuji - Chris

  10. Moringa Dawn - Dawn

  11. First Flush - Joanne


You are welcome to bring whatever flavour you feel like sharing. The more diverse the selection, the better. Just try not to purchase something that is already in the tin?

Tea Club members

  1. Rachel

  2. Peter

  3. Ben

  4. Karen

  5. Martin

  6. Chris

  7. Julia

  8. Dawn

  9. Joanne

Reliable supplier

The Tea Makers of London

Feel free to purchase tea from whomever your prefer.

Sought after flavours

Here are some example tea ideas:

  1. Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle (no 45)

  2. Tie Guan Yin Oolong (no 99)

  3. Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong (no 91)

  4. Four Seasons Oolong (no 90)

  5. Rare Ceylon Silver Tips (no 50)

  6. Apple & Ginger Green Tea (no 74)

  7. Menthos Green Tea (no 67)

  8. Houjicha Japanese Tea (no 65)

  9. Anji Bai Cha (no 72)

  10. Imperial Zhejiang Mountain Mao Feng (no 78)

  11. Imperial Jade Sword (no 79)

  12. Pu Erh Tea aged in tangerine peel

  13. Premium Grade Matcha (no 75)

  14. Japanese Premium Gyokuro (no 63)

  15. Tarry Lapsang Souchong (no 24)

  16. First Flush Darjeeling (no 8)

  17. Yunnan Diang Hong Black Tea (no 26)

  18. Imperial Yunnan Fengqing Golden Bud (no 43)

  19. Jasmine Ring Green Flowering Tea

  20. Taiwanese Milk Oolong (no 97)

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