Terms of membership
Written by Rachel

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Our membership is simple. We have kept things as plain as possible:

there is no joining fee or grading fee
a single fee is paid by monthly instalments of 40 by standing order
the 40 fee is just for Monday night tuition
all other training opportunities are extras
there are no lessons on Bank Holidays
if you go on holiday, are off sick or can't make class for whatever reason, we won't give a refund or transfer your booking

What is required of school members?

The terms are quite clear:

  1. Pay membership fee by standing order on the 1st of the month

  2. Students pay fees regardless of attendance

  3. We do not offer refunds

  4. Fees are not transferable

  5. Everyone must adhere to the Code of Conduct

  6. Students must wear the required uniform

  7. People who want to learn tai chi must meet insurance policy requirement criteria


The membership terms exist to keep the school up and running. We expect all school members to abide by the terms.

As you like it...

If you don't want to pay monthly fees by standing order and desire pay-as-you-go, you'll need to look for a different class...

Payment policy

If you want to attend a class, workshop, boot camp or private lesson, please pay up-front in cash in class or on-line.
We do not offer refunds. If you cancel or do not attend, your place is forfeit. Your booking cannot be transferred to another date.
Once a booking has been confirmed, please transfer payment within 24 hours.

Refunds & cancellation

Our membership policy is akin to a gym membership. We request 7 days notice if you are planning to
quit. That way the student has the time to cancel their standing order in advance.
Should the standing order be inadvertently sent after notice has been given, we will immediately refund the amount.
If you fail to give notice, don't attend classes or decide to cancel after the first of the month we will not refund the monthly fee.

Working with Sifu Waller

Tai chi students who work directly with Sifu Waller pay 50 a month instalments by standing order, rather than 40. This is to cover martial liability.


Please do not ask for special treatment. We will treat all students equally and refuse to make exceptions

Health problems

Should any new problems develop (which might affect your ability to do tai chi), please let us know at once.

Change of circumstance

If your circumstances change, please let us know. e.g. change of address, new mobile number, different next of kin, new/worsened health problem, receiving health treatment/therapy.

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Last updated 16 May 2008