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What is the point of workshops?

A beginner's class is not an intensive session. Sifu Waller must spread his time and attention across the entire hall. Topics are introduced, explained and practiced. But we could go deeper...


A workshop is an opportunity to look further into the art. To work directly with
Sifu Waller. To receive individual corrections. To explore future topics in advance of your grade.

workshops a year

In order to gain the necessary level of practice and exposure to relevant material, white - green belt student training the taijiquan syllabus must attend 12 workshops/boot camp/private lessons each calendar year.

16 workshops a year

Blue - brown belt students require 16 workshops/boot camp/private lessons each calendar year in order to grade.

It was truly a case of "A day with the master is worth 10,000 on your own".
It was one of those wordless transmissions that changes everything.

(Scott M Rodell

7 people

Workshop places are sought after - as this is a first rate opportunity to train closely with Sifu Waller. Although, we try to accommodate as many students as we can, we must be practical in terms of space.
7 students is ideal. Any less, and we will not offer the workshop. Any more, and there is not enough room.


You have the opportunity to focus on one subject for 90 minutes. After a brief introduction, you explore a range of drills gradually building towards the complete skill.
Each exercise serves to challenge and extend your knowledge and ability. As the evening progresses, you are called upon to grow, adapt and
change as the material broadens in scope and application.
By the end of the session, everyone has gained a sense of the topic being studied.


It is good to try a taster session for more advanced material. The experience will give you a sense of things to come, and the opportunity to see how different skills knit together as the syllabus unfolds.
However, the mainstay of your training must be suitable for your current grade.


Workshops are a chance to try out something new. Many subjects are unique to workshops and will never be taught in the beginner's class.

I think workshops most definitely provides the best opportunity to develop and enhance a student's understanding and practice. The format allows the student to work more closely with Sifu which I feel is invaluable. Personally, I always find all the workshops very interesting and challenging irrespective of their theme.

For the benefit and opportunity they provide, I think that it would be good for all taijiquan students to attend a set number of workshops per grade and I believe most of them will be happy to do so.

(Marc B)

Time & cost

Workshops start at 7:00 PM, last for 90 minutes and cost 10. The topics on offer are typically ones that have yet to be fully addressed in class.

Payment procedure

Please note that if you pencil in a workshop or a private lesson, I require payment within a week. Otherwise, the place may be offered to anyone else who wants it.

Smaller workshops

Smaller workshops are contingent upon interest. If numbers are low, the pricing will be adjusted e.g. if only 3-5 people attend, a workshop is possible but would cost 15 not 10.

Tai chi for health

Workshops are typically targeted at taijiquan students, but some are suitable for tai chi for health students.


Monthly workshops
take place at our house.

I try to attend as many workshops as I can because they are always enjoyable and offer a chance to learn from Sifu Waller in a way not possible on a Monday night. I have come to see them as essential to compound the more general skills learned on class nights.


Arrival time

Between 6:45 - 6:55 PM please.

Tea club

Tea club members may arrive from 6:30 PM onwards in order to have some tea before the workshop.

3-tier wallbag

Providing the nights aren't dark and it isn't raining, students may study the 3-tier wallbag with Sifu Waller @ 6:30 PM. To qualify, you need to have your own wallbag up at home.
Bring your bag gloves to the workshop with you. No time wasters please.

Dress code

All students wear:

Cotton crew-neck T-shirt
Black cotton martial arts trousers
Socks for men
Female students wear thin tights

Please note that 'leggings' and T-shirts with pockets are not appropriate attire for workshops.
Under no circumstances should students wear a changshan, taijiquan T-shirt or teaching assistant T-shirt to our house. Baguazhang students may wear a baguazhang T-shirt.


Please bring bottled water and any weaponry relevant to your grade.

No refund

If you cancel or fail to attend, your fee will not be refunded.

Non transferable

Workshop places are not transferable: the fee paid for one workshop cannot be shifted to another.

Not enough workshops attended?

Not to worry. We will simply carry the outstanding amount required into the new calendar year.

Request a workshop

If you want us to offer a workshop on a particular subject, then ask. Providing there are 6 students interested, we can proceed with the planning.

Good morning Rachel,

I just wanted to again express my thanks to you for inviting me into your home and to Sifu Waller a truly inspiring workshop. I can say that it was one of the most educational and enjoyable workshops I have ever attended, and I've been doing martial arts since I was 15!

Please pass on my thanks to Sifu Waller for allowing me to attend even though I am ungraded, I really appreciated the opportunity.


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