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Modern life

Most adults lose mobility, flexibility, coordination and strength. Aches and pains become commonplace and the body requires medication. People feel tired and stressed.
Very few people have good posture, poise, gait or balance. Running or the gym are common solutions but
if you're not used to exercise, starting a harsh regime can be punishing.
What the body needs is moderate exercise and physical education in order to learn how to 'use' your body better.


Students always start by learning qigong first. The simple qigong exercises build strength, improve coordination and exercise the body. After a session you feel at ease, energised and comfortable.
Explore a variety of exercises designed to cultivate the flow of blood and oxygen around the body, as well as release tension within the muscles. Qigong helps people relax and unwind.

Not all tai chi is equal. Just as there are different models of cars, makes of computers and universities of varying calibres, so too are there different kinds of tai chi.

(Bruce Frantzis)

Tai chi

Tai chi is a popular form of movement-based exercise. The art requires low effort. No sweating. No exertion. No taxing the body. As an exercise method it is moderate enough to perform for the rest of your life. It is joint-friendly, provides a gentle workout and is sustainable. Tai chi encourages a calm mind, balanced emotions and a strong body. Doctors believe that tai chi - with its ancient origins and incredible health benefits - offers the ideal workout for modern people of all ages.

Kung fu

Kung fu is a Chinese fighting system that has been practiced for thousands of years. Students learn how to strike using various parts of the body, misplace bones, seize muscles, target vulnerable areas and take their opponents to the ground. Biomechanics and combat principles combine to produce pragmatic, functional skills. Using the body in a healthy, ergonomic, balanced way is essential in kung fu. Authentic kung fu employs ancient Chinese knowledge and follows specific guidelines. It is fascinating, fun and mentally stimulating.

Kung fu taught by our school

Chin na (seizing), shuai jiao (take downs), tai chi chuan (dynamic balancing boxing), neigong (whole-body strength), jing (whole-body power), self defence and weapons.

Welcome to our school

Have fun in a calm, vibrant, training environment; free from bullying, cliques and politics. The atmosphere is friendly and stimulating. Individual progress is important to us.
We have a detailed tai chi syllabus in place in order to optimise the learning experience. The kung fu instructor has been practicing since 1975, teaching since 1995.


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