Sifu Waller
Kung fu instructor

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• 52 years old
• 46 years martial arts experience
• Professionally qualified teacher (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)
• The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain advanced-level
• Differentiated syllabus
• Fully insured
• Teaching since 1995
• Committed 17 years to full-time teaching and practice

Kung fu instructor

Sifu Waller is an experienced kung fu instructor. He has a background in ju jitsu, karate and wing chun, and offers a very pragmatic taijiquan syllabus. His sessions are stimulating, fun and non-macho.

He only teaches martial students and has no interest in 'qi'.

What does Sifu Waller teach?

Sifu Waller offers a wide variety of skills:

  1. Taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist)

  2. Baguazhang (8 trigrams palm)

  3. Chin na (seizing)

  4. Shuai jiao (take downs)

  5. Neigong (whole-body strength)

  6. Jing (whole-body power)

  7. Weapons

  8. Martial skill

  9. Biomechanics

  10. Self defence

  11. Martial principles

  12. Qigong

  13. Form

  14. Pushing hands

  15. Principles

  16. Taoism

  17. Brain work (meditation, awareness, metacognition)

  18. Zen

  19. Taoist Yoga

  20. Core strength

  21. Body work

Sifu Waller is not only an exceptional martial artist, he's also a skilled and very patient teacher.


How it all started...

Sifu Waller's
interest in martial arts began with the 1972 TV series Kung Fu (starring David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine).
He was intrigued by the quiet, contemplative way of life, the polite manners, ancient philosophies... and of course the martial arts. His lessons began in 1975.

The internal arts

In 1983 the TV documentary The Way of the Warrior introduced Sifu Waller to taijiquan and baguazhang, inspiring him to seek out instruction.

A lot of practice

n the mid 1970's Sifu Waller started martial arts training; both in class and daily at home.
During the 1980's and 1990's Sifu Waller attended up to five different lessons a week, sometimes travelling over 40 miles for tuition. He also attended a considerable number of workshops around the UK.

Martial arts experience

Sifu Waller enjoyed learning many different kinds of martial arts before focusing on taijiquan and baguazhang.
He studied judo, karate, ju jitsu, aikido, iaido, pencat silat, tangsoodo, wing chun, shuai jiao, chin na, pak mei, yiquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang and taijiquan.

Rough stuff

As a boy and a young man, Sifu Waller trained a lot of wing chun, judo and ju jitsu. He became very fond of the grappling arts.

Striking or grappling?

If you punch somebody it may hurt them or it may not. Grappling is different; the applications and techniques can be trained rigorously in class and then applied in real life, with simply an increase in power.
Our students are taught how to strike, but skill with grappling must come first. Simply because it is more reliable.


The more I get into this, the more I realise how lucky we are as a class. I've just been reading the part about finding a good teacher in the Sword Polisher's Record. We are incredibly lucky. Most people could look their whole lives and never find anything close. Sifu Waller's painting masterpieces and we can't even hold the crayons...


Peter Southwood

For 20 years Sifu Waller was the lineage student of the renowned teacher Peter Southwood; undertaking his bai shi and tea ceremony in 1990.
He had more than 500 private lessons with Peter, along with weekly classes and workshops.

Teaching experience

In 1995 Sifu Waller became an instructor in Peter's class. The following year he obtained a post-graduate professional teaching qualification from The University of Leeds.
Sifu Waller registered with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain when he offered his own classes.

A master of taijiquan or qigong does not enjoy the luxury of many coaches in modern sports like football and athletics who often cannot dribble a ball or run a race half as well as the students they teach. As mediocre instructors are so common nowadays - some even start to teach after having attended only a few weekend seminars - finding a great master is like finding a gem in a hay stack.

(Wong Kiew Kit)


Sifu means instructor/teacher. It is akin to the Japanese title 'sensei' but more informal and friendly.


The practical fighting skills of taijiquan will not work without the requisite principles underpinning the art.
Taijiquan is based upon a complex theoretical foundation, and an instructor must have considerable understanding of the background material, anatomy and other martial arts.
Sifu Waller holds an honours degree in literature and a post-graduate certificate in education. He is particularly adept at metacognition.


Sifu Waller is married to Rachel.

Body work professional

Sifu Waller also has decades of experience with yoga, Alexander Technique, Pilates, core strength, partnered massage and self-massage. He has trained yoga every day since 1982.

Sifu Waller’s skills are immense and it is a privilege to be taught at such a high level.



Sifu Waller is responsible for designing, building and writing the content of this website. He manages all aspects of the site; including hosting, marketing and keeping the material accurate and up-to-date.
Along with a couple of blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other listings throughout the internet.


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