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How should you detox?

Carefully. Fasting and radical diets may appeal but there are often risks involved. Whatever you choose to do, you need something that is safe.
Your changed eating habits need to be simple and straightforward.

Find out

We are not going to suggest a strategy or a dieting plan to you. Every adult knows what to eat and what not to eat. Or at least they ought to.


All we recommend is that you substitute bad food for good food, and only eat when you are actually hungry.
This may mean waiting for an hour after a meal until your food has gone down. It will entail listening to your body. Not to the craving, but to what is really happening. Exercise and water will also help.

Why should you detox?

From the standpoint of fitness there is no upside to eating junk food. There are no benefits whatsoever.
A poor diet can affect your mood, your sleep, your peace of mind, your awareness, your immune system, your bones, your internal organs, your skin, your teeth and your longevity.
A good diet has no side-effects whatsoever. There is no downside at all. It is literally that simple.


Actively contemplate the negative ramifications of poor eating: deteriorating health, excess body fat, reduced fitness, fatigue, larger clothing size, low self esteem...
Then picture your body leaner, slimmer, healthy and vital. Be clear about which of these two options you want, and work slowly towards it.

Do some research

The internet provides a lot of free detox information. But read cautiously... The drawback of mass media is that it often provides an overview but no real detail.
Significant, salient facts are commonly omitted.

An example

For example: a lot of studies claim that drinking green tea is good for your health.
Unfortunately they usually neglect to mention the fact that they are talking about fresh loose green tea leaves rather than tea bags.
A person might spend years drinking inferior green tea, awaiting health benefits that are unlikely to emerge.

Small print

The situation with green tea is akin to articles speaking about the medical benefits of taijiquan.
They often neglect the small print: a daily commitment to authentic taijiquan practice can produce tremendous results over time.
Not all taijiquan classes are the same, just as not all green tea is the same. There are different qualities and grades of green tea (and taijiquan); some are far more potent than others.

Locating loose tea leaves

The green tea sold at the supermarket lacks the potency of organic, fresh tea. To find a good supplier, look on-line. Seek the most medically beneficial variety you can find.
3-5 cups a day are recommended.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

(Charles Darwin)

Beyond food

Eating better is just one aspect of detox. You may also want to consider addressing the quality of your life.
This might seem unrelated to detox, but your habits and lifestyle will contribute towards poor diet.
If you hurry around all the time, are disorganised and feel anxious, then eating well, exercising and relaxing are not going to be easy for you.
These bad lifestyle habits must be remedied as well. Simplify, resolve, unclutter, throw away, make time, make space. Relax.

Ways to detox

There are many ways that you can detoxify:

  1. Do not talk about other people (work, colleagues, family, friends, people you see in the street/shops etc)

  2. Make food from scratch

  3. Take a walk early in the morning

  4. Go to bed earlier

  5. Get out of bed sooner

  6. Change your routines, habits, preferences

  7. Read the label when you buy food; be wary of any words you are unfamiliar with

  8. Take a closer look at what you are putting on your body (cosmetics, shampoo, soaps, shower gel, deodorant etc)

  9. Clean the house

  10. Tidy up the garden

  11. Cut out cigarettes and alcohol

  12. Put things away

  13. Finish off outstanding jobs/chores

  14. Spend quality time with your partner/spouse/friends/family

  15. Switch off the TV

  16. Avoid the news

  17. Switch off your mobile phone/PC/tablet

  18. Choose not to answer the phone

  19. Meditate

  20. Read healthy books

  21. Have meaningful conversations (rather than bragging, self-promoting, competing, gossiping etc)

  22. Seek to calm your emotions

  23. Contemplate difficulties you are experiencing in your life; seek to gain understanding/consider a new perspective

  24. Open the windows

  25. Have a massage

  26. Do taijiquan

Invest in loss

Detox is all about shedding. It is about letting go of the past, sloughing off encumbrances. Lose your old habits. Give away your old belongings.
Instead of eating cake, your aim is to lose stored fat. Rather than pollute your body, cleanse it.

Switch off

It is quite difficult for modern people to go 'cold turkey'. They are so accustomed to watching other people doing things with their lives that they have completely forgotten about living their own.
Try watching one movie/TV episode a week? Leave the TV off for the rest of the week. Now try to curtail PC usage, mobile phones and any other technologies you are investing your time (and life) in.
You will find yourself with a lot of free time. Start living instead of watching/browsing/commentating/updating.

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Last updated 29 April 2021