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Welcome to our tai chi school

Have fun in a calm, vibrant, training environment; free from bullying, cliques and politics. The atmosphere is friendly and stimulating. Individual progress is important to us. We have a detailed tai chi syllabus in place in order to optimise the learning experience. Both of our instructors are registered with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Our senior instructor has been practicing since 1975, teaching since 1995.

What is tai chi?

Tai chi is a popular form of movement based exercise. It offers a balanced approach to the cultivation of healthvitality and wellbeing
There is gain without pain. Dr Bradley Willcox, Dr Craig Willcox and Dr Makoto Suzuki maintain that tai chi's incredible health benefits make it the ideal form of exercise for modern people of all ages.

5000 years of Chinese culture and history is somehow woven into the lethal beauty of Sifu Waller's art.


Taijiquan kung fu (supreme ultimate fist)

Taijiquan is
a martial art based upon ancient Chinese knowledge, biomechanics and the yin/yang principle. Some of the training methods are slow, but many are not.
Authentic taijiquan practice follows specific guidelines. It is fascinating, fun and mentally stimulating.
Taijiquan teaches powerful, functional skills, along with an in-depth philosophical background.

Yang style

Newcastle Tai Chi explores an advanced version of Yang style taijiquan. The detailed syllabus has 13 areas of study, and includes:

 Neigong (whole-body strength)
 Form (whole-body movement)
 Jing (whole-body power) 
 Chin na (seizing)
 Shuai jiao (take downs)
 Kung fu (martial skill)
 Self defence
 The Taijiquan Classics
essence of the art

Tai chi for health & fitness

Tai chi for health is a popular form of movement-based exercise derived from taijiquanThe art requires low effort. No sweating. No exertion. No taxing the body.
Tai chi for fitness involves cross-training tai chi for moderate, varied exercise. The training incorporates qigong, core strength, psoas work, leg stretches and Taoist Yoga.


Not all tai chi is equal. Just as there are different models of cars, makes of computers and universities of varying calibres, so too are there different kinds of tai chi.

(Bruce Frantzis)


Students always start by learning qigong first. 
The simple qigong exercises build strength, improve coordination and exercise the body. After a session you feel at ease, energised and comfortable.
Discover a variety of exercises designed to cultivate the flow of blood and oxygen around the body, as well as release tension within the muscles. Qigong helps people relax and unwind.

Preventative healthcare

Although many modern people seek to use tai chi as a means of curing illness, this is not where its strength lies. Tai chi is best employed whilst healthy, not sick. When a healthy person does tai chi they are more apt to remain healthy.
It takes far less effort to prevent something than to cure it...


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