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Why join?

A lot of people don't see the point of joining a taijiquan school and taking regular classes. Yes, they want the health benefits, but they don't want the commitment.
This is akin to wanting to get paid without actually doing any work.


Some people want to learn tai chi from YouTube because it seems convenient and easy. The drawback is very simple: nobody is correcting your mistakes. And you will be making a LOT of them.
As a beginner, every single tai chi movement and exercise needs correcting.


Attending as and when you feel like it sounds great, but drop-in classes don't work. Usually the student attends 2-3 lessons maximum and then stops tai chi altogether.
Newcastle Tai Chi is not a drop-in school. Our aim is to help and support each individual in their efforts to get fit, healthy and (if interested) gain martial arts skill.

Invest in your wellbeing
Newcastle Tai Chi classes are an opportunity to focus exclusively on YOU. Everybody needs 'me' time. Time to work on your body, relax your mind, calm your emotions and find balance
We teach people how to achieve the maximum results using the least amount of effort. The training attitude is: moderation, little & often, do what feels comfortable. Don't exert, push or strain.


Week in, week out, people attend tai chi classes. The instructor is always friendly. The lessons are always stimulating. Your fellow students are always courteous, well mannered and nice.
Your personal life may be in turmoil, your work life may be tedious or disappointing, yet tai chi class remains a constant: comfortable, familiar, friendly and fun.
Instead of being met by rivalry, one-upmanship and stress, you encounter friendship and warmth.

Newcastle Tai Chi

Lessons for members start at 6:30 PM. Members are welcome to arrive at whatever time is most convenient.
Train up to 2 hours a night.
Fees 40/month.

3 paths

We offer 3 different approaches:

  1. Tai chi and qigong for health

  2. Tai chi for fitness (qigong, core strength, psoas work, leg stretches and Taoist Yoga)

  3. Kung fu (chin na, shuai jiao & taijiquan)

Students may train at whatever level they are capable of doing. Our program is entirely self-differentiating.


There are so many different dimensions to what Sifu Waller's class offers, it is hard to know where to start. The main thing for me is that it is great fun - I never expected that it would make me laugh so much.

This comes from Sifu Waller's unique approach, sharing his vast knowledge in a down-to-earth and non-macho way, which I think leads to the whole class being a warm and supportive place to be.

The key thing is that it works, such simple things that have a really dramatic effect on your body, not a spiritual, abstract set of moves but real 'I do this, he falls down' stuff. I can feel my own body responding now too - getting firmer, more balanced, more in control - and I think the qigong exercises are making my mind much calmer as well.


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