Rachel Waller (2)
Qigong & tai chi teacher

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A lady of tai chi

Rachel offers a wide variety of skills:

  1. Qigong
    - standing qigong (various)
    - moving qigong (various)

  2. Form
    - Long Yang form (regular & mirrored)
    - walking stick form (regular & mirrored)
    - sabre form (regular & mirrored)
    - jian form (regular & mirrored)

  3. Pushing hands/pushing legs/monkey paws/da lu

  4. Meditation

  5. Self-massage

  6. Psoas exercises

  7. Constructive rest

  8. Leg stretches

  9. Core strength exercises

  10. Taoist Yoga (tao yin)

  11. Principles

  12. Biomechanics

  13. Neigong (whole-body strength)

  14. Self defence

  15. Women's self defence

  16. Martial sets

  17. Stick drills

  18. Sword drills

  19. Asian tea appreciation

Tea appreciation

Since childhood Rachel has been an avid tea enthusiast. She likes to taste different flavours of Asian tea and is happy to share her knowledge with any student seeking an introduction to tea appreciation.

Sifu Waller and Rachel treat everyone in the class with great politeness and respect.


Hobbies & interests

Malaysian people are obsessed with food and Rachel is no exception.
She has other interests too... meditation, gardening, walking, cooking, baking, photography, reading, crochet, sewing, knitting, cycling, old movies, sci fi, graphic novels, the countryside, pop culture figure collecting, pin-up art, nature, holistic beauty/health care and cuddling her husband.
Rachel likes to explore traditional Japanese culture e.g. haiku, ukiyo-e, literature, calligraphy, textiles, pottery, tea ceremony, furoshiki (the Japanese art of wrapping things using fabrics), yosou (the Japanese art of food arrangement) along with modern anime.


married Sifu Waller in 2010...


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