Tai chi for health syllabus

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We taught this tai chi for health syllabus to the over 50's for 7 years at Age Concern in Newcastle and Age Concern North Tyneside. Our students had a variety of health conditions.
We had referrals from Freeman Hospital, medical students visited the class regularly and the classes were featured in the local newspapers.

7 areas of study

Tai chi for health practice in our class is broken down into 7 areas of study:

1. Qigong

4 directions - forwards & backwards
4 directions - to the side
Ba duan jin (8 exercises)
Cloud hands
Full circle qigong (6 positions)
Moving qigong (8 exercises)
Opening & closing - to the side
Plate exercise
Pushing peng
Standing post
Standing qigong/3 circle qigong

2. Form (regular & mirrored)

Long Yang form (slow form version)

3. Brain work (meditation, awareness, metacognition)

Breath meditation

Recommended reading:

- There Are No Secrets
- The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
The Way of Chuang Tzu

- Tao Te Ching (The Way and Its Power)
- The Little Zen Companion
- Chang San-feng treatise
- Wang Tsung-yueh treatise
- Wu Yu-hsiang treatise
- The Inner Way
- Zen in the Art of Archery
- The Essence of Tai Chi Chuan
- Sword & Brush
- Steal My Art
- Commentaries on Living volume 2
- How to Win Friends and Influence People

- The Complete Taiji Dao
- The Tai Chi Journey

4. Partner work

4 directions with a partner
Central equilibrium maintain the centre
Eyes-closed walking
Leading & following (eyes-closed)
Palm at 3 distances
Peripheral vision
Place palms & shift weight (eyes-closed)
Posture testing
Pushing peng exercise
Single pushing hands
Yielding to a push

5. Rest

Constructive rest

6. Neigong (introductory)

7. Instructing (optional)

Teacher training course (free of charge)

More advanced material?

Students are taught material relative to competence.

My health has improved immeasurably. I am stronger, fewer aches and pains. Muscle tone has improved. Energy levels increased dramatically. Blood pressure reduced to a level where I no longer need medication.

The class in Newcastle
has literally changed my life. Daily practice and a weekly class taught by Sifu Waller have improved my health and wellbeing to such an extent that I can't imagine life without tai chi for health. I wish I had discovered tai chi for health years ago but am grateful for the opportunity to attend your class and continue to improve my physical and mental health.


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