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What is tai chi?

Tai chi is a form of gentle exercise that encourages a calm mind, balanced emotions and a strong body. When people say 'tai chi' they typically mean tai chi for health.
Doctors believe that tai chi - with its ancient origins and incredible health benefits - is the ideal form of exercise for modern people of all ages.

Not all tai chi is equal. Just as there are different models of cars, makes of computers and universities of varying calibres, so too are there different kinds of tai chi.

(Bruce Frantzis)


Taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist) was created in the Wudang Mountain range in Hubei, China. It is an advanced martial art based upon ancient Chinese knowledge, biomechanics and the yin/yang principle.
kung fu system teaches powerful, functional skills, along with an in-depth philosophical background. Authentic taijiquan practice follows specific guidelines and cultivates good character.
Some of the training methods are slow, but many are not. Taijiquan practice is fascinating, fun and mentally stimulating.


Baguazhang (
8 trigrams palm) is a very challenging kung fu system from Mount Emei. It addresses the experience of combat in a different way to taijiquan, with multiple opponents in mind at all times.
The student avoids direct confrontation by circling around the opponent or by encouraging the attacker to circle around them. Baguazhang is based upon the principle of change.
It is a highly unusual martial art famous for its fast, evasive footwork, fluid, unorthodox movements, unpredictability and spontaneity. The body emulates animal movements and changes continually.

Health & fitness

Few exercises in the world are as easy to perform as 'moving qigong'. The main challenge lies simply in doing the movements 'naturally', healthily and comfortably.
Tai chi for health is a popular form of movement-based exercise derived from taijiquan. The art requires low effort. No sweating. No exertion. No taxing the body.
Tai chi for fitness involves cross-training tai chi for moderate, varied exercise. The training incorporates core strength, psoas work, leg stretches, cardio training and Taoist Yoga.

Invest in your wellbeing

The benefits of tai chi are medically proven and long-lasting:

  1. Chill out and have a laugh

  2. Acquire a more light-hearted way of looking at life

  3. Cultivate an unusual form of strength

  4. Boost energy

  5. Increased brain activity

  6. Make friends

  7. Stay calm

  8. Develop your memory skills

  9. Mindfulness

  10. Better focus/concentration

  11. Improved joint function

  12. Feel balanced

  13. Increased stamina and endurance

  14. Release deeply-held muscular tension

  15. Improved circulation

  16. Meditation & awareness

  17. Increased flexibility

  18. Coordination

  19. Learn to relax naturally

  20. Improved poise and posture

  21. Avoid strain, exertion and exaggeration

  22. 'Motor learning' - how we use our bodies, the way in which we move, the processes involved

  23. Age with dignity and grace


Most people come to our classes because they are seeking to learn tai chi properly and recognise that this is by far the best tai chi in the North East.


Welcome to our
tai chi school

Have fun in a calm, vibrant, training environment; free from bullying, cliques and politics. The atmosphere is friendly and stimulating. Individual progress is important to us.
We have a detailed tai chi syllabus in place in order to optimise the learning experience. Both of our instructors are registered with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.
The senior instructor has been practicing since 1975, teaching since 1995.


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