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Sometimes it is necessary to cancel a workshop place, boot camp or private lesson you have booked. This usually can't be avoided
. These things happen.


If you cannot attend a workshop/boot camp/private lesson, try to let us know ASAP. That way we can offer the place/time slot to somebody else.

Short notice

If you cancel at the last minute or fail to turn up, this isn't good at all. We can't offer the place/slot to somebody else.

No refunds

Please note that your booking is not transferable or refundable.

3 strikes

If you make a habit of cancelling sessions, that is misconduct. You won't be allowed to book any more sessions. "3 strikes and you're out"...

Attitude & etiquette

Frequent cancellations demonstrate a disregard for the instructor's time. A lack of respect. That is not taijiquan.

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Page created 3 February 2008
Last updated 28 June 2010