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Too easy

Modern life is filled with labour saving luxuries designed to make life easy.
Unfortunately, the comforts of modern living exist at the expense of our health and wellbeing.


How many adults can squat right down to the floor?

You should be able to do this easily - it is how humans are supposed to relieve themselves.
If you cannot squat, consider how weak you have become.
Luxury comes with a price.


When life is too easy, we become lazy.
Difficulty causes you to be more creative because the demands of the situation require a more flexible, adaptive mind and body.
That is why a lot of the neigong and partner exercises are really quite demanding.
You learn more when obstacles impede your progress.

Work yourself

It is important to consider how you can make your life more difficult.
If this sounds rather perverse, pause and consider just how conditioned to idleness you have become.
Examine your life for opportunities to avoid laziness...

Embrace challenges

Walk, rather than ride or drive.
Use the stairs, not the escalator or lift.
Do your own cleaning, washing up and laundry.
Stop using the remote control.
If you are right-handed, prioritise your left hand.


Our syllabus will challenge you constantly to drop your opinions, habits and patterns of body usage.
If you approach adversity with a smile on your face, then this will seem easy.
A resilient person is like water, they flow with whatever comes.


Failure is the key to success;
Each mistake teaches us something.



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