100 days challenge

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Traditionally, a taijiquan student would commit to 100 consecutive days of practice. The daily session must include certain exercises and form. There are no days off and no respite.


Each session must last at least 30 minutes


Before work is best. Ideally, the student should get up earlier than normal because the house is quiet and there are no distractions or pressing concerns.


The 100 days challenge must include the following exercises (along with some reading):

  1. Moving qigong (8 exercises) and/or ba duan jin (8 exercises) and/or reeling silk exercises & standing post

  2. Standing qigong (10 mins)

  3. Form
    - Long Yang (slow form version) (intro) (10-30 mins)

  4. Reading

Why bother?

Without an established daily home training routine it is very hard to make progress in this art. Your body needs time to shed old habits and become familiar with the new movements
The habit of training every day is necessary if you genuinely want to become an 'internal martial artist'.

Why 100 days?

100 days was considered to be a realistic target for getting the would-be taijiquan exponent started.


Students who complete the 100 days challenge experience a notable change in their fitness. They maintain and invigorate the body at the start of each day.
Their posture is good: upright and strong, their eyes are clear and sharp. Instead of travelling to work feeling tired and emotionally strung out, the exponent feels great: creative, alert, lively and fresh.

What next?

Normally, the student who finishes the 100 days challenge has no intention of stopping the habit of daily practice.

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