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Written by Rachel

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Taijiquan fighting method

Avoid exhibiting 'masculine' traits in taijiquan. Firstly; they will not work in combat. Secondly; they are totally unnecessary.

Asian attitude

In Asia, women have no problem using femininity to their advantage. Society often pays women less than men for doing the same job. Female CEO's etc are uncommon. This remains an unequal world.
Why play fair?

Men can be sexist

Many martial arts schools really patronise women. Not always wittingly...
The instructor often adopts a condescending tone and the male students offer female students a degree of leeway they deny one another. Women are treated with 'kid gloves'.

Martial arts can be sexist

Martial arts systems that rely on body mass and aggression do not favour women. In those styles, men have a biological advantage from the onset.

Our school is not sexist

Sifu Waller will not separate taijiquan students into age, size or gender categories because in real life combat this is unrealistic. A bona fide attacker will not spare you on account of your height.
The reverse is more likely. In our class women have a totally equal opportunity to gain skill.

Find balance

Women often struggle with the Dark Side in martial arts training. Unaccustomed to the rough and tumble of boyhood, they overcompensate by turning to fear, anxiety and aggression.
Consequently, female martial artists are frequently unable to maintain composure.
Meditation, constructive reading, breathing, emotional awareness and patience are all essential if this shortcoming is to be overcome.

Feminine Feminist?

There is a lot to say for being a Feminine Feminist. Too often the feminist tries to counter and challenge patriarchal society by employing masculine values and forces.
It just doesn't work. And so they fall short because they themselves have not understood the real strength of the feminine.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Malaysian film actress Michelle Yeoh beautifully balances femininity, grace, agility, strength and martial skill in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The actress was 38 years old at the time.
See her vigour?

A lady of tai chi

Martial arts classes are no place for posing, self gratification, attention seeking or a lacklustre attitude. A woman is required to demonstrate a strong mental attitude and embrace her potential.
No different to any other student. Do not betray your sex by expecting a handout or a concession.

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